fuck every single cop. i hope they all rot in hell.

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Boost if you're always disappointed by how little is in your kief catcher.

smashed my head off a bookshelf full of unread books. seems fair. good point, books.


waiting to be turned into a witch by one of these.

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i’m incredibly jealous of my russian friends’ seemingly innate knowledge of mushrooms. i’m forever catching up to them. i wish i knew i could study mushrooms in college.

less fight or flight, more shit and split.

this censor was a sicko, a real bleep creep. redacted his kid’s homework, and when the teacher sent a note home, redacted that too.

if we let them get away with “crumbelievable”, we’ll let them get away with anything.

waluigi smoking and cursing super mario world easter egg how-to [45 minutes]

heard that the next mario game is going to have a branded content character sbarrio

ah yes, Bananaramacles, the greatest of Greek Heroes

ive perfected second guessing myself. now, i will attempt the mythic fourth-guess.

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