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I thought I had the wildest slides at the sexy microtalks but I was a fool

3.5 hours before I have to wake up for a flight.

Body wants to sleep.

Brain wants to analyze 30-point earthquake action plan and mitigate flaws.

Anyway, now I’m making ham curry and rice, and also waiting for my new MacBook Pro battery to run down to “sleep mode” off-mains, so that it can calibrate itself. I already charged it to 100% and waited for about two hours. I am following the iFixit guide to the letter.

Should be dead in seven hours.

When I was young, we would go RV camping all the time. At least once a month on the long weekends.

My mom would almost always make a dish we called “Joe’s Potatoes”, because my great-uncle Joe made it all the time.

To this day, the smell of onions, potatoes, and cured pork snap me right back to those campgrounds.

One day, I’ll cook it on TTSF and everyone can tell me how they know it by a different name.

Swapped out the “non-replaceable” battery on my 2009 MacBook Pro.

I think it was non-replaceable because of the two Triwing screws I needed to remove in the process.

Oh nice! I was starting to wonder if I’d ever pick this up. And in a free booster!

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This is probably the weirdest item to check off on my bucket list. Thanks Melchior!

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I had a 25% of getting Lyn.

I already had Lyn.

I didn’t have any of the others.

Of course I drew Lyn.


I decided to trim down the amount of people I follow on Twitter and went from 132 to 52.

Also I only go check Twitter in case someone mentions me and wants a reply.

I might try to trim down more later. I think I can remove some of my friends that I already talk with on a regular basis. If I get down to 0 followed, maybe I’ll just delete my account.

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This was fun to make. I present "Munching with Map - Groiled Cheese Sandwich". #groiledcheesesandwich (/cc

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