Holy shit. I can’t even make it past the embroidery club.

I started skipping ten seconds at a time. Then skipped the hot springs visit. Then the sleepover? Stopped for the woman coach explaining how she wants to turn the team into idol trash. Kept skipping past basic hockey skills training. “This is a puck.” Skipped ten seconds at a time all the way through the outro. Watched the bumper where a frustrated girl sits down and continues to be frustrated.


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Hey neat. I’ve never dropped a series so fast. Congrats, Pride of Orange!

I am watching the rest of this episode, but I can already tell I don’t need to go any further.

Months ago, I installed a replacement LED bulb in my trunk light. It didn’t work. I figured the bulb was broken, or the wiring was bad, etc.

Tonight, on some advice, I took the bulb out, turned it end-for-end, and reinstalled it. LIGHT!

Call and response:

“Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime!”



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Come on! They’re SUPER easy to tell apart!

<— Transformer          Gundam —>

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What if Wario isn’t an evil Mario, but a Mario that’s been raised by a luxury method in Japan to have a richer fat marbling for better mouthfeel?

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If I was in an isekai the first thing I'd do is determine if I was in a novel, IRL, or a game. Hopefully one of the big tells would show up quickly: if you ever find yourself approaching a copse, then it's definitely a novel. Or if you ever need a sluice key, it's a videogame

When you store DVDs in an upgrade from sleeves, that’s Amaray.

I’m pretty sure when the machine uprising happens, the first against the wall are going to be all those people who “forced a bot to watch 1000” of some shit.

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Some days you think too long about how to fix something with a pile of hacks that *should* work.

And sometimes you just stumble on $23 fix for your broken keg fridge thermostat.


Hey so in about ten years we ARE going to get that backstory movie about what turned those three Dalmatians so evil right?

Hey, if you watch my anime roundups, I didn’t mention this because I didn’t see it in the list until today. Don’t sleep on this one.



Re-read Pocha Climb. There’s NO mention of games or puzzle-solving anywhere in it!

Where the HELL did I get that from then? I don’t think I’ve ever read IWAKAKERU before so it can’t be from there...

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In my recent 2020 Autumn Anime Preview, I thought IWAKAKERU - Sport Climbing Girls was actually this:


And it’s not. And I’m not sure I like what I’m watching yet. It’s really... competitive from the get-go and I was instead looking forward to the soft-yuri amidst the gamer girl learning to use puzzle skills to climb a wall.

But it’s SUPER WEIRD that there are two climbing stories with the same premise - gamer girl treats wall climbing as video game and is great at it.

Man, I spent four hours yesterday making boot sticks and trying to boot my weird hackintosh. Finally got there, so I could run seven Linux commands for some hardware info.

Next steps - build the EFI partition! Time to root through DSDTs!

Most anticipated feature coming in iOS 14? For me? The ability to “suggest less” in the Share Sheet’s “Siri Suggestions” area.

I have shitposted thirty times to the same three Discord meme channels in the last twenty minutes. So yes, Siri, please keep putting my mom front-and-center. The Star Trek gender-reveal disaster memes I keep posting are definitely her shit.

Maybe the solution is:

5) Watch less.

Good fucking luck. I mean, I like video games, and I could stand to get started on the Culture series of books, but that’s just me. I don’t think that translates to Western civilization at-large.

Maybe it can. Let’s have hope.

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This is the tip of a not-great situation. It’s going to be worse and we’re going to see more price hikes. Hell, we might even see companies like Disney realize they have *too much* stuff in Disney+ and end up making a second service, just to “bring prices down”. But they’ll end up splitting the content in such a way that you’ll have to have BOTH in order to continue to watch the stuff you were already watching.

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