The Ace Attorney series is just a Japanese retelling of My Cousin Vinny send toot

When I sit in a quiet room, all I hear now are balloon presents wafting towards me, but never quite arriving.

I cannot be the only person on the Internet who wants a Nook Inc. Desert Island Getaway button down shirt, WITH A PROPER CUBAN COLLAR, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Neat. Maybe I’ll try this with Kiora and the Octopus.

This is miserable to play against. I wonder what I can build with it...

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you have to apologize and say whether or not you make the rules, sorry, I don't make the rules

So that was fun. I left one little kext out (FakeSMC.kext) because of the note that said the FakeSMC “plugins” weren’t needed for installation. But FakeSMC.kext still is needed.

I’ll read you later too, The Cauldron of Eternity.

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If the stress of the holidays is getting you down, remember that we’ve got over 4½ hours of Cam & Ian Christmas content available whenever you need them — this season, or any time.

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I know @beej has talked about the quality of the Road Quest water bottles already, but I got one for Christmas and can attest to it having many flippy-outty parts.

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