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Turns out YouTube supports colored subtitles via an undocumented xml format. Had to make a proof of concept Twitch chat to YT subtitle converter. Works better than expected.

A fast way to get counters on the board. Not terribly useful to my decks, though.

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I bought a pair of Darn Tough micro-crew light-cushion socks, because I love merino wool vodka and I love lifetime warranties (even if I do have to mail them out-of-Canada to get replaced).

They cost CAD$32.

I’ve had them on my feet five minutes and I cannot believe how good they feel.

My sock drawer and wallet are in trouble.

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My Linksys E3000 ended up with corrupt firmware earlier this evening. I dug out its intended replacement - a Cisco E4200 I found for $6 at a thrift store.

After resetting it to regain access and confirm operation, I decided to update its DD-WRT firmware to something newer than the 2015-era version it was running.

Two hours later, and an upgrade, then a downgrade by one version, it’s running a version about a month old, and feels significantly faster than my old E3000

Here’s hoping it lasts.

Neat! I can certainly find a place for Ulrich of the Krallenhorde!

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Every German ows a huge debt to Werner Herzog for making English with a German accent sounding vaguely cool and intellectual.

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