The New York Times: "... Wall Street rallied to new highs as political uncertainty faded ...." LOL ("whew, that was close" 🤨 😰 🤔 )

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I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

That dark forest known as Twitter does have rays of light and levity; for example:

@simsa03 here is the book of my first-order learning on de-growth: Peter A. Victor, Managing Without Growth: slower by design, not disaster, 2008, ISBN 978 1 84844 205 4 (paperback). There is a new edition, but it looks very expensive.

"Human beings [can] overcome competitive struggle by restructuring society along principles of community and self-sufficiency."

Against the capitalist creeds of scarcity and self-interest, a plan for humanity’s shared flourishing is finally coming into view.

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us pol 

There is no going back to normal, and there was never a normal for us to return to now.

We like to think that the US is strong, and its democratic institutions and culture robust, but they can be torn up and trashed quite easily. They have always required continued maintenance and work to improve them.

I hope the one thing that Trump & his cohort have achieved is teaching the American people what politcal corruption is, how it operates, and the actual costs of unbridled capitalism.

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We put merchants in charge of society and we got a shopping mall instead of democracy. Is this really news to anyone?

the Orc of history ... does it bend in any direction?

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[admin hat on]

Pro Tip: if you are going to block the Admins and/or Moderators of the instance you post from, maybe you should find a different instance.

fractal use of language: using just one more adjective or adverb to make a description of something [more] complete or accurate or readable.

Twitter gem from yesterday:

Jen Benka @jenbenka
At this hour, what is dead is restless
and what is living is burning.

—Li-Young Lee

@simsa03 I think the safe-ness of nuclear energy is a function of facing up to the operating costs (including accident mitigation) and disposal requirements for spent fuel. Here in the USA we seem to focus on minimizing start up costs. Long-term environmental issues are still viewed as externalities. As long as that is the model then safe-ness is not being addressed.

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"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes."

-- Oscar Wilde

eileen chengyin chow - @chowleen:

Murmur of all that is claspable ... against all that is not
You are there. I am here. I remember

-Jane Hirshfield

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Experimenting with simple tools in Python is like being in Fanghorn Forest. (There, I said it.)

Today's Twitter gem:
Zoé - @ztsamudzi: For @VICE, I put together a starter guide for a DIY at-home self-directed learning course! One size doesn't fit all and these ideas might not work for everyone, but hopefully there's something in here that's helpful 😊

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