Raptor Computing's microATX Blackbird POWER9 system is officially up for pre-order for $999:


If you can boost, that'd be great: I'm still looking for work (Can't seem to find anything and it's killing me) I do freelance work and I'm looking for a job that's tech-adjacent at least.

I am compent with SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python(mostly 3, but I can do 2.7) and UI/UX Design. Also good at research, and non-fiction writing

Freelance or Full-time or Part-time work is fine. Need something.


Had a nice session of cute-jitsu with the kids. They learned gramby roll, a few guards, mount escape and some sweeps.

Lots of laughter and huge smiles 🙂

I’ve successfully brainwashed the kids into liking bjj 😈

What do you know, there's an emacs mode for mastodon :-)

The interface is much cooler than twitter 😋


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more