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@ayachan @Yuki_G_t9tK That's great. It's always good to feel like you've accomplished something.

The SHOPO is furious over the reassignment of its president to Waikiki midnight patrol, effectively demoting him.

This person, Tenari Ma’afala, is a social conservative and member of the New Hope Christian Fellowship. He also said (in the words of @KyokiKafuka ) he wished to "be killed to prevent [same sex marriage] from being put into 2013."

This man is everything wrong with toxic police culture all at once; I welcome this reassignment!

Okay!! So, today is going to be another insanely busy one for @Yuki_G_t9tK and I. x-x;; We're gonna be out and about for a while.

Wish us luck!! ^_^

@ayachan **huggies tight back** I'm crossing my fingers that what the document the dental office printed out for me will be enough to shut my FSA up. They wanted service dates and not just billing dates.

The icing on the cake for a terrible day is to get your FSA to approve your transaction for your cavity filling by having another document scanned and sent hoping they'll finally give it the green light. Ugh!

Well, the response has been positive, including from those who said problematic things earlier. Apologies came in, people were remarkably bolstering...and I feel as if I truly have made the right decision about where I hang my proverbial hat. :'3 <3

I've spent my whole life going from place to place, often having people backstab, abuse and take advantage of me along the way due to my earnest personality. It is refreshing to see a community like this...

I'm staying. <3

@ayachan For what it's worth there hasn't been a toot from you that I haven't enjoyed. You're one of the most upbeat and friendly people I've met on Mastodon so far!

@ayachan I think you had a right to talk about what was happening and people needed to realize that you wasn't asking about investing money and time into another product, especially when you couldn't afford to.

I felt absolutely terrible about telling a very, very close friend friend of mine giving loving, well-intentioned advice...only to have it go to shit by just parroting what a family member said to and getting just as irritated as I was. I cried afterward. I’m so,so sorry. I love her so much. 😒

@ayachan ...I've lost track....what number am I on....

4) Neither you, nor your opinions are stupid, & I certainly didn't mean to cause you harm/anxiety by expressing my own opinions - I tend to "join in" on conversations that sometimes would be better served without my opinions.
5) I am genuinely sorry.

@ayachan I can't speak for everyone else in that thread, only myself.
1) Reading comprehension fail/attention fail - I missed the part about not being able to afford it & (through my privilege) assumed your post was about the annoyance of a parcel going missing.
2) I certainly didn't mean to imply you should absolutely switch - just that I enjoy it. (again, missing the point)
3) I did think it odd that you weren't replying to the thread, & I apologize for not checking in with you at that point.

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