@KyokiKafuka I agree wholeheartedly, Kyoki. Firstly, this whole affair is the absolute worst thing ever; I am glad that the former citizens of Paradise are not standing for it!!

Secondly, it’s high time for utilities to be brought into the public sector, indeed. It’s obvious from situations like this that there’s no real way for a private company to guarantee safety or reliability for something of this scale.

If this tragedy proves anything is that utility companies should publicized/nationalized. Also because their lax safety and negligence is the obvious result of the private sector not having as much financial resources as the public sector does.

So, the utility company PG&E is faced with a lawsuit from Paradise, CA residents and is suspect from evidence pointing toward their negligence starting the .


I hope they crash and burn with this disaster and become a CA State government controlled entity.

If you're a city elite that's pissed off about rural areas voting Red with reckless abandon...

Remember what Kikuchiyo said about the Samurai.

Happy Halloween, everyone!! <3 I hope you are all having an absolutely fantastic time, no matter what your plans for today involve. ^_^ <3 <3

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

@WanderingTaoist @KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK Where did I say I wouldn’t vote? Nowhere. I am fully registered and eager to vote. I explicitly said that this election won’t make change in the Supreme Court, not that voting does nothing.

And no, I don’t see getting impeached and I won’t endlessly hope for the impossible. I will continue to be an activist, which—in conjunction with voting—will be the only way we can create any change.

I might check out the overall media grid for a while, including social media and news...

For the first time since I got on this train, I feel drained and defeated by the world around me...

I’ve had enough of this horrible world that feels so self-righteous in its bigotry and heinous attitudes.

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

@polyplacophora Aww... :( I'm sorry to hear about your being scared. I hope you feel a little more stable soon.

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@starbreaker @ayachan @Yuki_G_t9tK I vote absentee via mail-in. Voting from home eliminates these concerns entirely. But even that has the disadvantage of absentee ballots being counted next to last.

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@starbreaker @KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK Umm, not every state in the United States requires ID. And if you're already registered to vote, pretty much the only amount of time you have to spend is the time you spend waiting in line.

And then there's absentee voting, which is even faster.

It's only a long, drawn-out and painful process in states with draconian regulations and long lines at the polls.

This undercover investigation from does a great job of explaining one of the big reasons why I never was a fan of ‘s . 😕


@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

@polyplacophora Oh, okay... ^-^;; Sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying.

Did you have a good respite?

Oh frig I'm sorry. I was very unclear. I was saying my reaction was even less defensible because I follow you, and therefore am familiar with your views and ideas at least to the extent that you post them.

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