As a Native Hawaiian, this really saddens me to see a Hawaiian man arrested for speaking our native language in Hawaii. But I am not surprised; this is par for the colonized course.

@silverspookgames What the f***?! Hawaiian is an official language of the islands! How the hell can they get away with this?!

@ayachan Yeah it's pretty messed up that they had the guy arrested for speaking Hawaiian in Hawaii. The warrant has since been retracted, but it's part of a larger history and present of oppression of Hawaiians, often by corporate, non-Hawaiian interests.


@silverspookgames F***ing disgusting. That's what it is. -_- I am glad they retracted the warrant, because there is no legal standing for it in the first place!!

Yeah...those corporate, non-Hawaiian interests can just bugger off, as far as I'm concerned. >-> P***es me off so badly.

@ayachan Pretty much. Also, nice to meet a Japanese-Hawaiian (I'm also part Japanese) on Mastodon!

@silverspookgames Hehe, nice!! Likewise, my (new) friend. A pleasure to meet you. ^_^

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