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The weekend is here again!! And you all know what that means...~ <3 *poses with @KyokiKafuka *

Ladies, gentlemen and enbies!! <3 Today is Friday, the 23rd of February, 2018!! And with that, I would like to announce:

Your Party-Partner...Kyoki​!!
Your Bringer-of-Fun...Aya​!!

We are here!! To...


PARTY!PARTY!TGIF 〜週末のヘドニズム部〜

*pyrotechnics, loud bass-drops and confetti fill the air*


@ayachan @KyokiKafuka

*hugs and holds you tight* My dear precious Aya-chan; I love you so very much and i'm really proud of you for telling all of us how you feel. I'm sure the Fediverse understands and others in this instance (and others) that have followed you like Kyoki. "Take care of yourself" is something I see every now and then from some of your follwers. There is much love for you here and I see it daily <3.

I shouldn't have to say this here. I really shouldn't. But I think I am going to have to say it.

Check your privilege!

If you're in a good enough place to ignore or be unaware of challenges presented by things such as homelessness, having utilities shut off and not being able to eat enough food every day, you must consider that there are far many more people out there who worry about stuff like this each and every day of their lives.

We're all trying to work for a better future. This will only be possible if people step outside of their own experiences and look at the struggles around us.

Check your d***** privilege.

Thank you.


So... I've been extremely busy, stressed and depressed lately. It's a huge part of why I've not been as active here as usual, including--but not limited to--missing good morning and good night posts. I took last weekend off due to these challenges and feelings of stress and depression, but it hasn't helped.

In moments like this, the best solace I've found has been in people close to me such as @KyokiKafuka and @Yuki_G_t9tK . <3 I am trying my best to get through this.


@kiilas @Tryphon Why not? This issue affects an extremely broad audience and thus the article should reach the broadest audience possible.

@Tryphon @kiilas I have to admit that I don't believe the author is trolling, nor do I believe that the author is self-promoting (at least not as the main purpose behind the article). I would not have shared this if I did not believe there to be some strong merit to it.

And I know I am not any more alone in feeling this article has merit than either of you are in your valid concerns about the article's meaning and mode of presentation, as other people have favourited and boosted this article.

Really, I feel this article's main purpose was to encourage discussion about all of this. To that end, it has succeeded amazingly.

@kiilas @ayachan You are not alone. The article may be tongue-in-cheek, or the author may be trolling. Self-promoting, that's a given.

I started his book (Sapiens) on a friend's recommendation. It's OK, but I have read better on the same subjects.

@kiilas @Tryphon The challenges being pointed out here are the challenges of people who search for meaning in their daily lives and where they are to find it in a future where the current models in place (which are very unsustainable, as the article points out) will no longer be in place.

This is going to be a huge challenge for a great deal of society...and it's a huge challenge now, as this process has really already begun due to the system itself falling apart at the seams.

@Tryphon @ayachan maybe i'm struggling to understand what the author's point(s) is/are

he meandered through everything from wage slavery, ontology, to video game addiction

i felt he was conflating various issues that will mostly solve themselves as the underlying problem gets fixed

if i misunderstood anything, what is the author's point? what problem needs to be solved? what awareness needs to be raised?

@Tryphon @kiilas I really hated the "useless class" piece of this article. I felt the overall message more powerful than the use of the one phrase, but I completely understand your concerns about that phrase. x-x;;

@kiilas @ayachan That was my reaction too (condescending to the "useless" class, the insurance agent, etc.), but then the last paragraph (that one I quoted) colors the article very differently.

Only now do I realize it is written by the author of "Sapiens", so yes money, laws, countries are all fictional as religion in his view (and I have to agree).

@kiilas @Tryphon
1. The article closes with a paragraph that shows that all of these constructs are fallacious to some extent.

2. Society presumes this, not the author. Because society's institutions are widely accepted as fact by the populace and such a toxic challenge to everybody, we have to look at ways to subvert them. The article very clearly points all of this out.

3. A huge part of making the world a more accepting and inclusive place is finding solutions to challenges such as these. And I feel that the article plays with virtual reality loosely because it's trying to show that there is no concrete answer; the future of everything is open-ended.

@ayachan @Tryphon

3. extending the meaning of "virtual reality" until it becomes vague and useless. like okay, everything is virtual if you see it from a certain perspective, but what's your point.

people tend to play computer games more than they would otherwise, because it's the (aspect of) reality that accepts them, that they can be a part of.

i would encourage focusing on making the world a more inclusive and accepting space (online and offline), because then the problem will solve itself

@Tryphon @ayachan i have issues with this article

1. i like how they always bring religion or *different* lifestyles as an example of living an imaginary reality. why not money, laws, countries, politics, titles?

2. presumption that people need jobs to live a satisfying life, and that they can't or aren't qualified to find meaningful activities otherwise. stop bringing people up to resign to a dichotomy of consumerism and wage slavery, and stop blaming the future for the problems of the past

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the lack of good night or good morning post. ^-^;;

It's going to be another insanely busy day of running errands with @Yuki_G_t9tK . ^-^;; Wish me luck!!


@ayachan quoting the last sentence: “But what about truth? What about reality? Do we really want to live in a world in which billions of people are immersed in fantasies, pursuing make-believe goals and obeying imaginary laws? Well, like it or not, that’s the world we have been living in for thousands of years already.”