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A timelapse of a container ship voyage from the Red Sea to Hong Kong. 10 minutes, but worth every second.

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Thanks for the transparency, but I'm gone. So long and thanks for all the tweets.

So not sleeping after all. Listening to Dreams by the Cranberries :)

I try to not do things compulsively but I regularly fail.

Time to go to bed, let's try again tomorrow

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Great TED talk about the internet and specifically social media (or as the speaker calls them, "behavior modification empires").

#socialmedia #jaronlanier

I have some sort of pain on my right foot. No falls, no twists, no idea why. It's annoying. Doing now a remedy (I hope) which consists of putting the foot in hot water for 10 mins, then 10 mins in cold and start again

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Canal OFICIAL de querellatsXrepublica
🔴 Comunicat Oficial 🔴

@zagur la gente no lee emails. No hay nada que hacer. Depende de qué se trate yo lo que hago es poner algo parecido a "si no realizas ninguna acción antes del {fecha} entiendo que estás conforme con {consequencias}".

Supongo que esto no sirve en todos los casos pero no siempre puede estar uno recordando y esperando

I like Pinafore but I wish there was a "Back to top" button

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@mattcropp @tbeckett

As someone with no FB account, the assumptions of social death often leave me a bit bemused.

I made an early fairly private choice that I didn't like the nature of FB. It wasn't a particularly technical or privacy related choice, but a kind of hunch-y ethical one. Something about the way MZ talked about it alerted me to something.

Absolutely nothing bad has happened to me as a result. I'm socially connected and totally OK.


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Tom Gauld est le meilleur et de loin à mes yeux dans l'art du comic strip.

(via @ChapeuPreto )

@Yellow_BoxFish sense saber el contingut de la trucada, com podem saber que la poli hi està involucrada? No podria estar seguint una pista trobada la nit anterior? He llegit tot el fil i no hi veig la vinculació

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Niall O'Gallagher a Twitter: "Ex-Catalan minister Clara Ponsatí's legal team call Spain's attempt to have her sent back a politically motivated abuse of the extradition process @ClaraPonsati "

@scottnesbitt and also broken link to "Why Use a Plain Text File for Your Todos?" under Links

@scottnesbitt I like this! I'm considering using plain text. BTW, looked at the website and link to daily task list here is broken and there is a "</a>" on under "General information"

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students loans are completely evil

taking away educational opportunities from most people, and saddling others with a life long debt

an inherently biased and unfair system that affords privilege to those who already are privileged

it makes me so simultaneously outraged and deeply sad

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Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.

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