Seguim amb la batalla diària per viure en català.

Avui amb Decathlon que normalment a la botiga és relativament fàcil que t'atenguin en català.

Per telèfon sembla que ningú sap ni català ni anglès

Veurem per WhatsApp

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Este vídeo de BaityBait es CANELITA. Lástima del lenguaje malsonante porque lo pondría en clase sin dudas. Pero voy a llevar la noticia de XQC que menciona y lo recomendaré a los mayores. Es un tema importante este, nuestros jóvenes tragan mucho Twitch.

European Parliament (EP) receives letter from Spanish PM asking that Catalan can be used in it.

Spanish PM continues to pretend he cares. This will not move forward as explained here:

Meanwhile in Madrid a Catalan MP is told he can't speak Catalan in the Spanish Parliament

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In addition, PLEASE #CamelCase your #HashTags, also for screen readers, and just for general readability

"My state of mind seems now much less affected by my perceptions about the state of the world. Partly this is due to the realization that there is nothing much that can be done about ecological or economic collapse, about the threats of war and nuclear escalation, about the political upheavals in the increasingly unstable nation to the south, about pandemics or natural disasters, or any of the other risks we now face, day-to-day. We can learn and practice new skills, and hope they will help us navigate collapse a bit better. But the world will go on, with or without us, so I now figure I might as well just enjoy the ride, and the opportunity to witness this remarkable time in this remarkable place."

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Would it not have made life easier if they’d just fired the Queen’s body out of a giant cannon, so all London could watch her go by like a comet

Abans de les 9 del matí i ja m'han encolomat el primer "en castellano por favor que no entiendo el catalán"

Sempre una odissea això de mantincelcatalà

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Sembla que el Ministeri de la Veritat ha reescrit la història d’Alcarràs aquest migdia.

Mai que ho tornin a fer, només heu de fer clic a “Mostra l’historial”, a la pàgina d’Alcarràs, trobar l’edició en qüestió i després clic a “desfés”.

#lifehack #piolinhack

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The past seven years were the hottest on record, and there is a 48% chance during at least one year in the next five years, the annual mean temperature will temporarily be 1.5C higher than the 1850-1900 average.

Global mean temperatures are forecast to be between 1.1C and 1.7C higher than pre-industrial levels from 2022-2026, and there is a 93% probability that at least one year in the next five will be warmer than the hottest year on record, 2016


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"you have a friend in your mouth" is the best way to tell someone they have food in their teeth

Today is the National Day of Catalonia, also known as Diada

Many people in Catalonia want independence and have expressed this today.

Spain's response is always: violence, lawfare, repression.

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Mad that the UK could, overnight, coordinate almost all digital advertising hoardings to display the same RIP HRH image/message, but we couldn't do the same for mask and covid guidance during a pandemic.

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L'11 de setembre reivindica la llengua.

📍 Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli


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#introduction post 📌

I am a final year undergraduate student in Mathematics from India.

I am interested in FLOSS, psychology, art and music.
Currently, tutoring some high school student mathematics & physics as part-time job.

Reading books, indie blogs, while listening to music.
Learning how to play piano.

I also have a rabbit, and enjoy tea and coffee equally.

Si seguim així la notícia serà quan Rodalies funciona amb normalitat

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