services which run Mastodon should be referred to as Mastodon Instances.

the fediverse is a network of software running protocols (including ActivityPub) that predate Mastodon, and that Mastodon has used to bootstrap itself with.

calling the entire fediverse "Mastodon" or "the Mastodon network" is a slap in the face to all other projects and contributors which came before *and importantly* after Mastodon, like PixelFed or WriteFreely.

if you come away from formal logic class thinking it can be applied to formally analyze real world social problems instead of having a massive existential crisis about what logic even is, you probably should have failed the class

Just signed up on #pixelfed pixelfed.social/p/morosophos/2

The UI looks great, but I don't see any possibility to zoom images to look at them fullscreen. Neither it's possible to download the original hires photo. It's very sad, but I'll have to stay on flickr cause these features are critical for me. It's very sad that pixelfed tries to cosplay instagram instead of more "professional" photo hosting sites like flickr, 500px, etc.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe The thing that most "free speech advocates" seem to either miss or ignore is that contemporary free speech laws were conceived to allow discussion of controversial ideas on their merits, despite their unpopularity.

However, the idea that some people are subhuman, whether based on ancestry, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other factors, has been conclusively proven to have no merit.

It’s a nice song but I think it’s a bit overrated musically btw

Tim Minchin changed the lyrics of 'White Wine in the Sun' from “break bread with Dawkins” to “dance with the Devil” lol


Still some works to do but I am happy to follow pixelfed on #Mastalab.
I just got an issue with date format for created_at, otherwise, it perfectly works with the existing code.

I am just waiting the public access in the next release. Thank you for your work 👍
#Mastalab #pixelfed

google: has the power to track me everywhere i go with extreme precision

also google: here the weather for that town i left two days ago

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Science as a social construct: the example of arachnophobia. That it's a social construct doesn't make it unreal!


Wow it’s been a few weeks since I’ve opened Mastalab to check my mastodon timeline, I wonder how many interesting toots I’ve missed

Looks like my worries that #FuchsiaOS will be #Google's replacement for #Android are not really incorrect. Without a #GPL Kernel, chances are we'll loose control over our handsets all together :/


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