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My least favorite part about new folks logging in is the DM panic.

“Oh no, my DMs are unencrypted and can be read by the instance moderators and admins.”

“... just like every other social platform you’ve ever used, plus most email platforms.”

“Well, yeah, but on those other platforms the admins are a team of underpaid entry level employees at a faceless company, not a single person or small group of individuals that’s I can get to know”


Q: How do I explain Bitcoin to my grandfather?
A: imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

I agree with Karl Fogel here:

'I've never understood the "GPL is not free" argument. The only restriction the GPL imposes is that it prevents people from imposing further restrictions. To say that this results in less freedom has always seemed perverse to me. If the retention of monopoly is somehow a freedom to be protected, then the word "freedom" is no longer

I think Stallman also said basically the same thing.

There should be a global 'awareness' week for developers. For a week reduce your RAM to 2 GB, disable all cores except 2, downscale your resolution to 1366x768 and cap your internet at 1 Mbps (or less for mobile developers)...

Maybe, just maybe we will start to have less crappy, bloated software.

For years, Mattel marketed a Barbie typewriter. When they switched from mechanical to electronic typewriters, they chose to license from a Slovenian manufacturer, Mehano, who readily supplied their E-115 (and later 116-118) model.

But these typewriters had a secret: hold SHIFT and LOCK, and press one of the first four keys on the first row, and the typewriter switches into substitution-cipher mode, encoding whatever you type:

RT i wanted to see what music was on voyager and like.... this is kind of sad.

we sent music to aliens in the 70s but we're not allowed to listen to it because "lol copyrights"

#instroduction Hey all, I'm completely new to Mastadon, so forgive my not knowing my way around. I'm a photo editor in Southern California. Soon to retire. Looking for a better alternative to that ad-stream Twitter. (Still there, as on Facebook, to be around friends.) Former social worker, photojournalist, etc. Now an educator. Nice to meet you all!

The kid just sent this to me:

"()() is not a palindrome but )(() is"

RT in russia, the act of displaying the LGBT flag in public can get you arrested. so these 6 activists from latin america resorted to creativity: wearing uniforms from their countries' football teams, they turned themselves into the flag and walked around moscow with pride. 🏳️‍🌈

Couple notes for moderation:

If you're reporting someone for spam, please include at least one toot in the report, it saves time for us. Especially important if you are reporting someone for DMs, they are not visible in our UI unless they are included.

Don't report sex workers for "illegal in the US", this isn't the US. If you don't want to see anyone from, open the profile of anyone from and choose "Hide everything from" in the dropdown menu.

YES! It worked, the European Parliament rejected the copyright proposals!


:blobcheer: 🎉 🍾

MEP Julia Reda on what happens next:

#Article11 #Article13 #SaveYourInternet

It was much easier, pre-technology, to rent a cabin on the shore of a cursed lake.

Used to be families could disappear, but you and your terrified community knew you could continue to appease the lake because westward expansion would continue to deliver new renters.

These days, you spend all your time politely responding to AirBnB reviews like "Thanks for the feedback about the missing children. We did mention that risk in our listing, but can offer a 10% rebooking discount for next time!"

surveillance camera smashing 

PCMCIA: People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

Time to sleep, I hope I don't ever wake up again. COULD YOU FUCKING GOD OR ANYTHING LISTEN

What good does couple of beers do? I need buprenorphine. Of course I don't need it, I just feel I need it. Fuck it.

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