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ah yes, I see, if a computer system is not owned by businesses and does not have 1 billion users it is "dead"

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I came to mastodon because it didn't have harassment and abuse like the rest of social media projects, broadly. It was the community's biggest, most interesting feature. To me, it felt like web 1.0. Everyone was weird, everyone went with it and made friends.

I don't want to see harassment or abuse here. I think it doesn't belong here. This is a place for people to be who they are, and for everyone else to be okay with it.

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@Riley a lot of these articles also tend to focus on things like account verification. This is important for brands and celebrities who are not the target audience here.

There's no need for me to verify their identity of people I interact with as long as I'm enjoying the interactions.

This is really how internet was originally envisioned to work. You don't need to know anything about the person on the other end, the interaction itself is what's valuable.

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Another tech media article misunderstanding Mastodon as a Twitter competitor.

They can't understand Mastodon because they can't imagine a technology that doesn't cater to them.

Tech media personalities can't understand a world where their opinion means less than that of a random furry.

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What if Twitter adopts Activitypub or status and starts federating with Mastodon? I guess that's when we'll know that mastodon won... XD

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$user is enraged because the library PC is running out of disk space. $patientTech checks /Users/$user. Finds 16GB of porn videos.
Disk has now >16GB available

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I am trying to pick a new country to live in by throwing a dart at a map on the wall.

My next destination is a lamp shade. I'm not very good at darts.

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Google + is the abandoned mall of social media. Some folks still hang around, but the roof is leaking and the trees are dead

Facebook is the working mall. Security kicks you out if you hang around too much and everything is covered with cameras. There are still shoplifters

MySpace and Digg are converted stripmalls. One's got slightly more polish, but the other's just got glass cases of shoes

Twitter is a wasteland of used needles and condoms, but you do find the odd flower trying to survive

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Can anyone help me out and give this toot a boost? I accidentally deleted my Mastodon database, had to rebuild it and lost absolutely everything, including everyone I was following

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Hi everyone.
I'm looking for someone who can take over my instance. I WON'T give it up until I'm sure I find someone competent I can trust for the sake of my users.

Thanks for spreading this message.

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The #Loomio team are doing a training session in Dublin, Ireland next week!

"Patterns of Decentralised Organisation"

Can everyone please give it a boost - so that we might get the #irish people on Mastodon to see it. :)


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write a sad story with as few words as possible Show more

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In 1987 we thought the future of entertainment would be people playing interactive movies and TV shows, so they could get right inside the story.

In 2017 the cutting edge of entertainment is TV shows of other people playing videogames so you don't have to.

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Spotted in Queen's Park today:

"To Trees:
Thank you for giveing us Oxygen."

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"You will have gathered by now that I'm not a great fan of the brilliance of individuals. Mostly this is because despite being a Mensa member, I've seen myself make such amazingly clever mistakes. Over time I've come to think that the very notion of individual intelligence is a dangerously simplified myth. In this myth, brilliant individuals think about important problems, and then by hard work and labor, they create solutions and refine those until they are perfect. Sometimes they will have "eureka" moments where they "get" brilliantly simple answers to large problems. The inventor, and the process of invention are rare, precious, and can command a monopoly. History is full of such heroic individuals. We owe them our modern world. Look more closely, however, and one discovers that this story does not match the facts. History doesn't show lone inventors. It shows lucky people who steal or claim ownership of ideas that are being worked on by many. It shows brilliant people striking lucky, and then spending decades on fruitless and pointless quests. The best-known large-scale inventors like Thomas Edison were good at systematic broad research done by large teams. It's like claiming that Steve Jobs invented every tool made by Apple. It is a nice myth, good for marketing, and utterly untrue."

-- Pieter Hintjens
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knowledge about computers:
zero knowledge: computers are the devil!!
some knowledge: computers are awesome!!
average knoledge: computers are shit
above average knowledge: computers are pretty cool
post-doctorate knowledge: how is this shit even managing to function

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@not_on_pizza Fun fact: first free software bug I ever fixed was in GNU Emacs' tetris. I was playing it a lot when slacking instead of studying. I discovered you could still move, rotate, place a piece while paused without it descending. I excitedly submitted a patch, couldn't believe it hadn't been caught that long!

RMS' response:

"If you cheat at solitaire, who are you cheating? ;-).

Anyway, thanks for fixing it."


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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 a new vim user

and I'm looking for:
⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 how to exit

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I'm overjoyed to see that #Diaspora has made a major new release - It always brightens my day to see a new release, and I'm glad to see that the project is making some big changes.

Important reminder to podmins: This new federation protocol is incompatible with versions of diaspora* older than If you are still running an earlier version, your server will no longer be able to fully communicate with servers running the latest software.

There are numerous improvements that made it into this release, some of which have been in development or quite some time.

Two immediate things jump out at me:

Support for Account Migrations - this has been under investigation for quite some time,  I will have to test it out when I can. New federation protocol - it's crazy to think that we'd get to this one day. I think the situation with Diaspora's federation architecture may actually be greatly improving. The whole system's been cleaned up, federation's in a gem, and now the protocol functionality is being versioned and extended.

A big shout-out to Benjamin Neff and Comrade Senya, who have dedicated themselves to a lot of grueling work in improving the federation system and adding in functionality for account migration.

I'm also really happy about the functionality improvements (mentions in comments!) and the inclusion of a formatting UI will likely make the interface a little more accessible for some people.
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