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I'm seeing out in the that we're close to 100K users.... I guess we can all say that we are part of an elite group...

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Seriously though guys, please share this article:

It's a really good primer both on what the federation is, and the history of this network.
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So excited to have finally finished Dan Abramov's fundamentals course on !

I know it's not just me; that feeling of seeing the same faces and usernames appear on either the 'follows' or 'followers' of people posting.

I never got big into any of the other social networks. Tooting like this is giving me a newfound joy I'd never experienced.

I'm looking forward to finding my tribe here. Or, since we're all new, forming a tribe with the other amiable . :grin:

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Just saw my first bad toot (the fourteen words) which garnered a "Last tweet of this kind before ban" message from an admin within 4 minutes. *raises a glass to our Mastodon hosts*


Just expressing my admiration for the great posts you're making :grin:

Can we convince (/u/mistborn on reddit aka @BrandonSanderson) to join ? Him and @PatrickRothfuss. That would bring in a legion of fans.

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So, I think it's time someone addresses the "extinction" talk about Mastodon. As I'm in a bit of a cranky mood, I'll gladly be the one to do it. Be patient because there are a few things I wish to unpack.

Here goes. . .

1) Relatively speaking, Mastodon is still a "baby". It's just six months old and word is just now getting out. Just in the last few days, it has seen explosive growth. As is always the case, it's good to wait until there is a body before you decide to have the funeral.

Can't wait for this to get bigger and to organize in

J'ai hâte de voir croît pis d'organiser des des enthousiastes!

For the federated looking for more life-hacks outside of subverting Twitter: switch to for your .

Not affiliated. Simply respect the company and what they do.

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Hey, guys! Guys!

Did you know you can remove the URL to the image after uploading it and the image will still be attached!?

Please do this! #MastodonMastery

Thanks @Toxic_Flange: "Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

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I see a few toots regarding people trying to use Tusky and getting confused when it redirects you to your browser:

You need to login on the browser and then it redirects you to a page where you allow Tusky access to your account.

D'ailleurs, je trouve ça quand même une qualité typiquement français (que j'apprécie bien) d'encourager la croissance d'une plate-forme non-monolithe, comme celle-ci.

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The antifascist tendencies of Mastodon are very encouraging. If we can keep 4chan/8chan/r_thedonald trolls out this would webshite has revolutionary potential #Sniff #AndSoOn #Toot

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For everyone confused by the whole federation thing, trying to compare it to Twitter... Forget Twitter. Think e-mail. You can choose between different e-mail providers on different domains or even host your own server instance. Then you can communicate across those instances with other users on them.
No, it doesn't make sense to "claim" your nickname everywhere. Yes, you should choose the server wisely because all your data reside on that server without an easy way to migrate them...

Why are there so many posts in French? Pourqoui y-a-t-il autant de postes en français ?

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