reasons my M1's battery dies in 6 minutes:
- docker
- mongo
- docker
- elasticsearch
- docker

... did I mention docker?

rust seems like an okay thing, but like _it doesn't need to take over the world_

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"oh i know! rust can replace blenders!"

blender my brain into symbol soup, sure

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"oh, i know! rust can replace c!"

"oh, i know! rust can replace javascript"

"oh i know! rust can replace <insert increasingly absurd thing here>"

somewhere I took a wrong turn and now I'm writing a shell in Ocaml

"welp, that's broken" "yeah ... that doesn't look right" "oh, yay, another typo" "_what is that_"

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actually spending time on your website/blog/hideout ...

... but really I can't turn this mp4 into a gif without getting the task killed with an OOM error. the modern wonders of the world

117MB seems real small today compared to the 128GB+ of today but I'm pretty sure I've got a 128MB hhd sitting around with some Beowulf specialized version of Knoppix on it ...

*mutters something about running ffmpeg in 117MB of ram*

if i switch my fridge from cubed -> crushed -> water too fast, the indicator says water and the ice crusher starts up :|

why did I think writing an RSS reader would be a fun idea?

my css cut off my other css and now it's just css all the way down

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(rest in peace, websites made out of some html and stuff. it was kinda good for a minute.)

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