cm-t (arudy)

I just bought a used Meizu PRO5 running Flyme(android) and successfully installed
I have shared my steps with @NeoTheThird I hope we will be able to share it without any trouble with the files used to do it!

cc @Ubports

@arudy @NeoTheThird @Ubports
I really want to try it but I have a Meizu MX6 and I don't know how to port a ROM on a phone

@RavengamerSpace we have some documentation about porting process and soon we will make a live streaming session teaching how to do it /cc @arudy @NeoTheThird

@Ubports @arudy @NeoTheThird
Oh wait ?!
You will show how to do it A to Z

Like how to create a TWRP ?

@RavengamerSpace well, still don't know - but you can ask them during the live streaming 🙂 /cc @arudy @NeoTheThird

@Ubports @arudy @NeoTheThird
Okay, thanks
Can I have more information on the live (Date, Youtube ?)

@arudy @NeoTheThird @Ubports

Hey I think you showed me this phone in Paris last week at the recycling fair. I am psyched to get one now!

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