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🙌 😘Thank you, merci @ teams, volounteers, speakers, attendees!
By the way, the Communty devroom & the Open Source Design room are awesome, please again for


France proposed to delete mentions to the e-Commerce Directive in order to ensure that the #CensorshipMachine enters in full force with general monitoring obligations #SaveYourInternet


The team are having a Listener Get Together 🤝 Find out everything you need to know here 👉

This all new t-shirt is on presale !
Celebrate the new release of and support Ubuntu-fr activities 😍

Le nouveau tshirt Ubuntu-fr est sortie :

Ubuntu Touch and UBports in Paris!

"Ubuntu Party Paris" (event) turned out to be a big success for Ubuntu Touch.

Read more about it here:

...and thanks for the hard work of @arudy !
#ubuntutouch #ubuntu #ubports

I just bought a used Meizu PRO5 running Flyme(android) and successfully installed
I have shared my steps with @NeoTheThird I hope we will be able to share it without any trouble with the files used to do it!

cc @Ubports

Pas le temps de niaiser, on reprend la route ce week-end ! 😊🎶🚚
Venez nous voir si vous n'êtes pas trop loin, ce sont des concerts gratuits ! 🤘

🤓 Vendredi soir : SANCERRE
🤓 Samedi soir : RIOM
🤓 Dimanche après-midi : SENOZAN

Partage des données personnelles avec les fabriquants de terminaux : Facebook doit faire mieux ! Denelle Dixon de Mozilla « l'entreprise a encore beaucoup à apprendre »

La radio Cause Commune propose deux offres de stage et si vous connaissez des personne dans votre réseau qui seraient potentiellement intéressées faites tourner

Just found 30s without any people to talk with to get some picture of the booth at the awesome festival of Les Geek Fairies 2018 📸🤘

As you can see we are close to others booth such as and
We have a lot people asking for showcase on phone, tablet becoming PC, ane they like it. We need to translate the website in french ;)

@Ubports booth at Ubuntu Party Paris:

There were a lot of interresing discussions, more than what I would expect, for the best !
Wow , it's a phone that power that screen?📱🖥🖱
Is it a laptop, wait, a tablet? ⌨🖱
Can i install it? 📲
Who is behind it? 💞
(and more... Some technical, some less, such as 'so it's not unity on gnome, right?')

We even installed some phone (the ubports installer is really simple and it just works!) 🤗👌

My test bench for the Hades Canyon NUC. Progress towards getting the Vega M GPU fully enabled on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 is going well 🐧 Still using llvmpipe but all that remains is a kernel rebuild using drm-next. Currently running Linux 4.17-rc6, Mesa 18…

Des bénévoles ont traduit les affiches anti-GAFAM de @LaQuadrature en plein de langues <3
Tout est ici :
Via blue bird (@robinsonboucan)

Oh mais qu'y a t'il dans les rues de Nantes ?

Venez au Quadrapéro Nantais ce soir !
C'est au bar Pioche, 10 rue du Bel Air à 20h !!

Ce week-end au carrefour numérique de la cité des sciences aura lieu l' de Paris 18.04
Mise en avant: La conférence gesticulée 'Informatique ou libertés?'

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