now that my assignments are done I can go back to read up on systems programming again :D

oh wait it's 10 pm :D

fuck :'D

@oct2pus it's also very light, which was a lifesaver for my atom laptop with piss poor gfx drivers

GIMP, Krita and even MyPaint were out of the question, UI issues aside

@oct2pus (and to be quite honest even azpainter is kinda clunky)

@oct2pus thank god for azpainter tbh

It was (is) the only program out there that even resembles something like SAI, which I used almost exclusively before taking the leap

@loki I don't want to destroy your notifications but pretend I faved all of that

Always a good day when I find @loki being wholesome af on main

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If you want to join matrix but do not want to go on (and you should go there, it's overcrowded) you can find a list of alternative servers here :

I like (nice domain name), (established non-profit service provider), (french established non-profit service provider)

And of course there is which has the best domain name of all (that's where I am)

aaaAAa I miss doing dumb dangerous shit with my phone

Really wish I could root mine

If I end up getting replacing it in who knows how many years from now I'm specifically gonna look for one that's moddable

update, I'm still tired af but at least I have tropical-flavored mate now

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She's always like this. There's no way she's not aware of how cute she is.

Sometimes I look at my toots and I feel like I'm constantly complaining about shit and hmmmmm

do I really want to be *that* person?

I don't think I want to be that person

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My unfinished assignments are still here, being unfinished

What the fuck >:I

Who do they think they are

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