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So, commissions, they are a thing

If you are interested, you can contact me here or via any of the methods listed here:

(Note: PayPal only)

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Please don't take it personally if I don't accept your follow request. I post a lot of personal shit and there's very few, very specific people I feel safe around.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Hey just a quick itsy-bitsy PSA: if you think minorities having basic human rights is controversial then please kindly unfollow me and fuck off


Reminder that you can DM me at if you use XMPP to chat about random crap

Both OTR and OMEMO are welcome

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Snake: Colonel, what is this?
Campell: Snake, that's the Hokey Pokey.
Snake: Hokey Pokey? What do I do with that?
Campell: Snake, you'll need to grapple it with CQC, then use the L2 and R2 buttons to shake it all about.

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python 4 is just gonna have every function name be ________function________

Me: "I should go to sleep, I have to wake up really early..."

Brain: "Absolutely not, for no good reason at all you're creating a new GPG keypair, revoking the old one, re-encrypting your passwords, uploading the revocation certificate, uploading the new key to every keyserver, sacrificing a goat to--"


...who's calling me


It was disabled by default in Fedora

Oh wait it doesn't even work


Always a bad omen when not even REISUB can save you

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i used to call twitter friends tweeps but this creates an unfortunate impulse to call mastodon friends meeps

1. Org-mode

2. Make a headline

3. Keep [M - →] pressed down

4. R A I N B O W S

[is studying]

[gets distracted toying with Org-mode]

oh no

Damn I fucking love coffee did y'all know,

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There are introverts and there are extroverts, and there are introverts that have learned to mimic being an extrovert. One difference between an extrovert and an introvert is if social interaction is energizing or draining, and being able to "fake it" doesn't make it any less draining for an introvert.
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I should try and paint something cool to add to my portfolio while I can... but I have zero motivation to do so...

Damn I guess it's updating add-ons 100% of the time it's running. What dedication.

I'm really wondering what business Chromium has opening so many connections to Google, with only a blank tab and without being signed in to a Google account.

Am I supposed to believe it's just to update add-ons automatically?