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I should add: Holy shit don't watch the live Hatsune Miku concert videos. The music's good but make sure you background the browser tab.

Documented there is some real bizarroworld skeeve. The combination of hyperactive, stiffly-moving pony-legged cartoon performer in front of a bunch of bored middle-aged session musicians frogmarching through the hits is really only the background to the constantly waving and churning audience of fans who seem far too hyped up to watch a live-action recording.

For some reason I've been listening to Hatsune Miku music videos while working this morning.

DOMINANT THEMES OF MAJOR-STUDIO MIKU SONGS: I'm a beautiful virtual girl in a virtual world, anything can happen, it's amazing and I love you.

DOMANT THEMES OF HOMEMADE MIKU SONGS FROM NND: Even though I'm a virtual girl, I feel ugly on the inside, the pressures and responsibilities of life are all but literally crushing me. I don't trust you either.

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@CobaltVelvet Since Patreon will be chomping roughly half my donation to you starting later this month, are there other tip services you're on?

Update on last week's pince-nez toots: This particular item can't be used to correct astigmatism, so... they're of limited practical value for me.

But! There are types of pince-nez that can be used with astigmatism, so I'm not out of the pince-nez game yet, I just have to keep looking and do more homework.

Aww yisss... mother fuckin pince nez Show more


Within the U.S., legit (albeit greymarket) OEM Windows start at $80 on Amazon.

Taobao shows less restraint w/r/t Windows 10 warezing. US$70 buys you an OEM key, but for US$1.50 you can have somebody unlock your Win 10 installation by remote administration.

Google Translate leaves service descriptions ambiguous, so don't put a lot of trust in the above.

Ebay wins for market madness, internat'l sales of Win 10 keys and downloads are a riot of prices. US$3 and up. Mostly via UK and Canada.

It's crazy easy to find warezed copies of Windows 10 on U.S. Amazon ($12 for somebody to burn a DVD of their bittorrent download, $15 to add a key).

By contrast, searches on AliExpress for Windows OS in any form dead-end hard. And it's not for lack of consumer interest either; Enter "Windows" and autocomplete suggests all possible combinations of "Windows", "10", "7", "OEM", "Key", etc.

I hadn't spent too long at this because it was out of idle curiosity rather than desire. YMMV.

Lifehack: Evening travel is much quicker and more efficient when you remember to settle the bar tab before you get halfway home.

Lifehack: Pince-nez reading glasses are totally awesome. You can wear them over your sunglasses when you're outdoors.

Dear Google:

I have vision problems. So fuck off with your "Whoops you missed that flyspeck-sized car in this blurry JPG we ripped from a Street View cam and want you to validate in our CAPTCHA, so you get to plod through your third image-matching game. Better luck this time!"

I mean, seriously now. Would a robot say, "Fuck off with your etc." rather than try to fake its way through?

🎶 Hey there! I'd love to connect a bit more via #music! Would you post some of your fav artists and genres as hashtags, so we may find each other and freak out about how awesome they are? Just copy this and add 5-7 musicians and genres! 🎶 Show more

Agree if you fav boost. Boost agree if you fav. If you agree, fav boost. Fav if boost agree you.

Seeing complaints about bots proliferating on Mastodon.

Is there an index of them? A collectively maintained list would be a useful thing to build a subscribable filter on.