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Not likely to toot often but snarky or meandering when it happens. Topics so far include vision, accessibility, UX, eyeglasses, kit electronics, the early World Wide Web, Vocaloids. Of interest but not discussed so far: , visual design, bicycles, vintage stereos, food.

If you have seen an ardgedee somewhere else it probably has something in common with this one.

Suggestions for currently maintained Linux distros that run on Atom (i686)?

Lubuntu was my last best hope but they dropped i686 support after 18.0.4

Trying to get an old (ca. 2009) netbook usable again.

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Before one can eat the salsa, one must make the salsa.

In order to make the salsa, one must burn ones hands.

"Ah," you say, "Can one not wear gloves, and thus not burn the hands?"

But that is not the true order of things.

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Ignoring your eurocrashes and cryptovisions and instead for some reason wallowing in 90s tracks by The Black Dog feeling nostalgic for when cyberpunk was cool and involved megacorporations and hacking the megacorporations and for some reason we didn't anticipate most of us would become day laboring knowledge workers anxiously speculating in electronic currencies with less stability and fungibility than a 2008 Zimbabwean dollar.

After contemplating it, maybe we should lock a GAN that generates images from text with a GAN that generates text from images and see whether in enough time it creates the singular perfect thing.

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Has anyone locked a GAN that generates images in a room with a GAN that generates descriptions of images and had them go at it until they invent a new universe?

The median age of the US workforce is 42.

Microsoft Word was released in 1983.

In 2025, Microsoft Word will be older than half of the people using it.

I've probably read more reactions to the reactions to Lowtax's death today than I've read reactions to his death.

Which makes this comment even more meta, but welcome to 2021.

My own hot take and meta-takes aren't going to be usefully different from the majority of what I've read, so I'll just tack a link to one of the comments I liked:

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You all should be glad that the House wants a piece of that sweet sweet currency action. I mean, you've hit the big leagues, bro! Now you get to do all of the fun things with currency transactions like reporting large transactions to the IRS, keeping track of social security numbers, keeping a ledger that gets audited. If this isn't legitimizing I don't know what more you could want.

Oh, wait, you just wanted to launder money without consequences. Yeah, fuck that shit. Pay taxes.

Facebook was down yesterday but according to email Ikea continued to want me to cozy up my home, Uniqlo said I would look good in down, various electronics stores said my life would be better with their stuff, and some politicians and charitable orgs reminded me not to forget their causes. So basically nothing changed.

So apparently I can't currently create an account on that site I've never had an account on. Whoops.

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NEW: Michigan is now reporting the racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases. So far, 10,791 positive cases have been reported & 417 deaths. Of that, African Americans account for 35% of cases & 40% of deaths. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just 14.1% of MI’s population is black.

If you think things are bad already, imagine all the Javascript frameworks currently being birthed on the company-issued laptops of idle developers stuck at home.

@ranjit I never encountered Compare Foods until I moved to North Carolina. Non-Latinx locals seem split on whether to pronounce "Compare" as two syllables or three.

The second of February this year will be the last date that's a palindrome in all date sequences until next century.

"I am a lot more than a huge amount of money. I am a bunch of stuff, which means that if I don’t exist any more, there’s no one else to make sure we’ve got this computer to do everything from governance to research."

The Guardian interviews a simulation of Mark Zuckerberg.

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