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Art Delano @ardgedee

@infini messages have four levels of exposure: Public, Unlisted, Private, Direct. I don't know a whole lot about the finer points of that so i'll have to RTFM too. But anything addressed to you with your @ nick should appear in your NOTIFICATIONS timeline, regardless of exposure level.

@joshmillard For a really mind-bending use of that technique, check Neon Park's paintings from the 1980s (keep hitting the right arrow for more):

@bradsucks @joshmillard
Yeah I don't think Hockney's the final word in art history at all, but I like that somebody with intimate and expert knowledge of his craft chiming in on (a) the Great Masters having help and (b) that this does not lessen their greatness because somebody''s eye-hand coordination is not the sole criterion of the worthiness of an artwork.

@joshmillard Painting is painting, not jiu-jitsu. Unless your muse or artist's thesis compels you to treat it that way.

Let chain-smoker David Hockney, who knows a thing or two, run it down for you:

Hi! I'm still new here! Maybe you are too! If you're following me, introduce yourself! Show more

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@phire yup, seeing it now. Thanks! :thumbsup:

TIL that saying "follow" makes a zillion followbots find and follow you.

@vfrmedia Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

@phire That's how I'm using it right now :grin:

Is there a way to see the lists of people I follow and the people who follow me without having to download a CSV? The Mastodon UI is opaque about this function.

Right, Land's End. You busted me. That's not my real name.

Alan Smithee

@Samizdata For Twitter's first year I mean. I only got an account in early 2007. Communities were relatively small clusters based on existing social groups from other communites like LJ, so self-policing rather than moderation seemed acceptable. There were no media-famous people to speak of, Being a Twitter celeb meant saying interesting and useful things. The Failwhale was an in-joke because Twitter didn't know how to scale.

And then the money came. Because Twitter didn't know how to scale.

@Samizdata Twitter felt like that too, for the first year-ish.

@rhorsman @phire "Stories of Mahabharata" is what I hadn't realized I needed. Subbed!

@taz looks to me like a few of @phire 's posts are not reaching octodon.

@phire I'm impressed that you can keep up with all of those. I can barely stay current with the short list I shared so I hadn't included the ones I can only manage to listen to a couple times a year.

@phire anyway since you asked, my regular #podcasts listening include MBMBAM, The Adventure Zone, Judge John Hodgman, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Peter Adamson's various History of Philosophy series.

Looking forward to adding Romance of the Three Kingdoms to that list soon:

@phire not sure whether it's a masto bug or you forgot to include your #podcasts list. but i don't seeing your list.

Network is slow this morning so I got to watch Amazon's query engine first recommend autocompletes on literal string matches for a term and then backfill the list to bump out most of the full word matches (including the match I had wanted) with brand-names and product-names that only match the first four letters.

@phire How I described Mastodon to a friend is that there are only 2 meaningful differences to the user:
1. You get 500 characters rather than 140
2. Your address is now explicitly @user@instance. On Twitter the "@instance" part could be implicit because everybody is effectively @user@twitter.

Once you know those two things, pick a site and create an account, the rest can be learned as you go.