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Art Delano

I've never heard anybody say, "I'm so glad I finally joined Facebook! Why had I put this off for so long?"

Choose one:

▢ A good Let's Play video should make the game so interesting that I can't help but want to play it too.

▢ A good Let's Play video should be so entertaining that it satiates any interest I have in playing the game myself.

Pop Team Epic is this year's hottest toxic brain rinse.

It's 2018 but Kensington and Wacom still require full system reboots when you install their software.

Nothing like fumbling the entry of your credit card number and being on the wrong side of the cutoff time for an online flash sale. NTP is a harsh mistress.

- Internet advertising groups complain that Safari's cross-site tracking blockers "could have a 22 percent net negative impact on its 2018 revenue projections."
- Safari has held a steady 13-15% usage share for a couple years now.

This implies either that Apple users represent a disproportionately distinct marketing demographic or that certain marketing associations are blowing smoke.

If y'all are a webdev who think that intercepting scroll events and then reconstructing them from scratch within Javascript is a good idea, cut that shit out.

It's awful. It's bad UI. You cannot make it good UI. Just stop. Delete that shit. Please. I'm begging you.

Off to get another pair of eyeglasses.

In a sense I'm buying purpose-built sets of eyes: a set for things near to me, a set for things far from me, and now a set for things far from me in very bright light. I will probably eventually have to get another couple specialty pairs as well, for example for very close-up work.

More literally, I'm buying sets of lenses. Somewhat like fixed-length camera lenses with a very clever yet awkward hack for providing focus adjustments without moving parts.

A bag of cheap wristwatch spring bars in different sizes costs more than the exact pair I need, but less than three exact pairs.

Two bags of cheap wristwatch spring bars in different sizes costs more than the lifetime supply of spring bars I am likely to need, but I lost the first bag somehow.

Top things of the year, 2017

Best hobby: Building keyboards kits with circuit boards and arduino microcontrollers, for which keymaps are config files and key activity is managed like shell scripll s456844fuck52

"A soft electronic hum still permeates the atmosphere."

This year's Christmas soundtrack:
Low: Christmas
Fuxa: Venoy: Bliss Out v.5
Philip Glass: Einstein On the Beach
Vince Guaraldi: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Random Chinese pop music at the Dim Sum place

@thatdawnperson @photopuck Anyway yeah, a sort group of "men", "women", and "child" is not inappropriate, but labeling that group "gender" is very inappropriate.

Or at least it begs the "child" category to be subdivided into "girls" and "boys".

Why doesn't have Einstein At the Beach? I had thought there would be a lot to say about it.

Gripe of the morning: All eyeglass websites do faceting and search wrong.

Frame designs are fully segregated by "men" and "women". A minority have a "unisex" section. Sometimes it is an intersection of the gendered sets, sometimes it is an exclusive third set.

The only parameter I care to filter on is lens size. Very few accommodate that, and those that do require me to redo for each gender-section.

Eyeglass gender should be a category facet that can be toggled just like any other category.

And when your project's FAQ has the question "What is [your project]?" the answer has to be truthful, have a reasonable level of abstraction and ideally be ELI5-level. Leveraging it as an opportunity for snark means you're an asshole.

If the first question in your FAQ for your project is not "What is [your project]?" it's not a FAQ.

In other news:

Just updated VLC.
No Santa hat on the traffic cone.