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Hello! Another influx of new tooters, time for

I am a goth Maker embedded IoT developer Internet enthusiast. I'm cis bi and male but all these description of me are just arbitrary labels.

I live in rural Tasmania with my supercute black cat called Freya. You'll also find me at a helping out at a local Makerspace.

I love to hear about all the awesome things my followers are up to. You're all awesome for sharing.

Post care vasectomy kit from today's procedure includes a beer holder. That's sweet

a friend and myself just both got (different) David Lynch inspired tattoos and they're awesome.

First watch of Twin Peaks and I'm up to the Return episode 8 and even with preparation nothing prepared me for what the fuck just happened

I think a bout of self destruction is on the cards.

"Do you sub-toot at me, sir?"
"Is the discourse on our side if I say 'aye'?"

Two instances, both alike in dignity,
In fair Mastodon, where we lay our scene,
From ancient meme break to new mutiny,
Where meta blood makes meta hands unclean.

A deceased dingo, an amputated hand, some brisket... and Ms. Linna Carlson. Preparing to take the longest walk of her life, to the center of the Twilight Zone.

My unconscious is vain, I woke up knowing exactly where I put that pair of jeans that makes my butt look good in my wardrobe that I thought I'd lost.

should i do the hard task first or the easy one? hmmm.. the easy one... 20minutes later.. WAIT A MINUTE this isn't the easy one at all

apparently, if fast zombies are on the march on the eastern shore in Hobart and 1196 people try to escape by running 5km to the other side of the bridge.. the zombies will eat 933 people before they get to me.

my gender is black nail polish chipped to just the Exact correct amount

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This is a women & femmes in metal thread. I will be listing bands I listen to with examples and a short description, and whether the vocals are clean or if there is screaming too. I will update this thread as time goes on.

Destiny Potato | Sordid Pink
Progressive metal/djent band from Serbia featuring vocals by Aleksandra Djelmas. There is minimal screaming in select songs. Linked example contains none. Love song is a personal favorite.

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