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Gave a talk at local web dev Meetup and this photo could be a new toot :crt_w_green_lines:

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Hello! Another influx of new tooters, time for

I am a goth Maker embedded IoT developer Internet enthusiast. I'm cis bi and male but all these description of me are just arbitrary labels.

I live in rural Tasmania with my supercute black cat called Freya. You'll also find me at a helping out at a local Makerspace.

I love to hear about all the awesome things my followers are up to. You're all awesome for sharing.

we're seeing 😍 levels at about 99%

(99%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

Time to test the work dress code with these new leather pants...

Snapped up a couple of good presale tickets to see the Lazarus musical in Melbourne. Now to figure out a friend who would really like to see it too :)

New musical genres:

- Crumchstep
- Post-post-punk
- Moist house
- Dumpstyle
- Powerhonk
- Fuuuuuuuudge

curating my housework playlist for maximum dancibility
Specimen - The Beauty of Poison
Genre: Deathrock/Glam/Batcave

No more laundry for me today, run out of pegs for the clothes line!

Really enjoyed Crypt Vapor playing at my local. So glad my friend talked me into coming along for a dance
Genre: Darkwave, synth, instrumental

Oh my it's the 14th tomorrow time to do stupid things

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Body feels like it's been dragged up a couple of mountains, pls help send coffee

the best anti-aging formula... is falling in love, the trick, is to keep applying twice daily

I ask about the underwear because a work colleague was also born in year of the pig and apparently that causes difficulty in this year, so you should wear lucky red underwear to compensate. Hey I don't make the rules.

So apparently I was born in year of the Dragon. Is that good? Will 2019 be good for me? What colour underwear should I wear?

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