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Gave a talk at local web dev Meetup and this photo could be a new toot :crt_w_green_lines:

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Hello! Another influx of new tooters, time for

I am a goth Maker embedded IoT developer Internet enthusiast. I'm cis bi and male but all these description of me are just arbitrary labels.

I live in rural Tasmania with my supercute black cat called Freya. You'll also find me at a helping out at a local Makerspace.

I love to hear about all the awesome things my followers are up to. You're all awesome for sharing.

Greta T's UN Climate Summit speech metalified is now official on Bandcamp with sale proceeds going to Greenpeace.

I opened my set last week at Coven with this for a bit of fun, it fit in nicely with the rest of my set.

nightmare levels are currently severe

(99%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

#pirate words off the starboard bow! 

Yay new vinyl delivery day! 

oooh yeah DJing again next week, great excuse to buy some more music on bandcamp! Taking recommendations

Damnit docker started up my dev container and called it happy_stallman. RESTART EVERYTHING.

hey what's up my mental health is in the toilet and I'm off for a walk.
selfie, eye contact

OMG drama at the theatre! And not just on stage.

Feels like a couple of weeks since I've bought some new music, I think this one is going in the cart.

Lingua Ignota - Do You Doubt Me Traitor
Genre: neo-classical industrial noise

A nice glass of Shiraz at a punk gig, that's a bold strategy Cotton

Back in Melbourne for one night only. Wurst Nurse are the warm up act for The Damned. They were good and fun. Ready to smash it up

it was warm in the office on arrival this morning, then I realised I'd left Android studio running since Friday.

My cousins visited me from the USA last week, so I took them up kunanyi (Mt Wellington). I didn't mention that we were walking up there. Started snowing above 600m. Walking in the snow is pretty.

Oh look wallaby tracks in the snow.

Morning spent in the kitchen doing meal-prep for the next 2-3 weeks. Pasta, curries, stirfrys, and LOTS of dirty dishes.

Catching up on my adulting this weekend before settling in for a nice binge-watch of Mindhunter Season 2

pro: the world is cyberpunk now

con: the world is cyberpunk now

been recommended some weird items on another site's ads recently... trigger warning: nicholas cage

remember when we said we would all naruto run in public so we could identify each other?
you guys are still doing that right? right?

I finally got around to recording the set I played at the last Coven in Hobart. Turns out this is pretty good to code to as well as dance to.
Genre: dark electro, industrial

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