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Why do we bother teaching babies to crawl?
They're never going to use that when they grow up!

I think the history of salad could be summarized as centuries of people in temperate climates struggling to avoid admitting that our plants don't actually taste very good.

Long term, there's no more effective time-management technique than procrastination.

It may be too late for America to reverse course and avoid apocalypse, but what if we just nudge it sideways from its current course, and towards a 90s b-movie cyberpunk apocalypse?

At least then we'd have a cool apocalypse!

You want to strictly schedule this sort of stuff ahead of time.

I think Bethesda has put themselves on an uphill path if Fallout76 is really a online survival game.

The survival game fad has definitely come and gone, and even if they're frantically changing it to a Fortnite clone, they're going to be late to that party too, unless they literally launch it during e3.

I hope they're also working on a New Vegas -style spin-off, because if they're not, they're leaving money on the table.

So now Fallout is getting a prequel?

Prequels are a disease that attacks aging media franchises.

A "Change your password every month" policy is a good sign your IT department is full of olds who haven't been paying attention since 1998.

"The river? Uh, yeah, It's right over there. Do you white people not know what a river looks like?"

Twitter should use this same wording for the new follower notification.

Whoever decided that LED flashlights should have a "blink" mode is an enemy of humanity.

It's funny how companies that make things like smart light-bulbs are going out of business because they can't spy on Europeans anymore.

I'm glad I live in USA, where honest, hardworking light-bulb companies can spy on whoever they want without government meddling!

If Hawaii is reclaimed by the volcanoes from which it came, can we make PR a state so we don't have to all buy new flags?

Ok. I've mixed in the magic powder. My monkeys better show up soon.

Another day, another I'll never read because they don't put their comics in their RSS stream.

I really don't understand why artists would setup a reader-unfriendly RSS feed.

I guess in the olden days they were worried about protecting their ad revenue ... but who cares about that now? Who doesn't have an ad-blocker?

After discussing the Oregon Trail handheld, I started thinking about other RPG games I wish had turned into handhelds.

I've sketched out my ideal fantasy of a Tiger Electronics handheld.

Of course, this would probably be the most expensive one they ever made, both for the screens, and for the ram/rom requirements ...


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