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who remembers the IRC wars over whether or not away nicks were acceptable

I wonder how the computers on Star Trek handle text documents. Character encoding for hundreds of worlds worth of languages much be insane. Do they still use Unicode in the 24th century?

Do they have to update it every time they meet a new species?

Old advertisements are a delight!

In 1897 nobody wore watches on their wrists, but you could get one for the handlebars of your bicycle!

For the last two nights (at least) my dreams have been about being Spider-Man.

I'm not sure why. It's been years since I've read any Spider-Man comics, or seen any of the movies.

I can only assume that I've been bit by a radioactive spider, and my subconscious mind is preparing me for when my powers manifest in the waking world.

Why does Outlook insist on popping up a thing to remind me about meetings that happened DAYS AGO?

Either I attended or I didn't. What does it expect me to do about it?

Should I run to the office and shout "Sorry I'm late!" and hope they're still trying to get the projector working?

Sometimes I think preppers have the right idea.

But once you've stockpiled a year of food, why do you have to wait for the Apocalypse to lock yourself in your house?

Oooo. I got a check for the interest on my security deposit.

$0.27! What should I spend it on?

Important reminder :

In British English "turtles" and "tortoises" are different.

In American English a "tortoise" is a TYPE of "Turtle".

This usage took hold after the two languages separated, so neither is more correct than the other.

A lot of people out there seem confused on this critically important point.

Woo. I combined two broken Steam Controllers into one working controller.
I feel like a hacker.

To Americans, I think the most irritating part of the Metric system is that it has a temperature scale designed for chemistry, and not for weather.

I propose that Fahrenheit be adopted as the SI unit for "Air Comfyness"

There should be a streaming site that just buys up unsold pilots.

I suppose the networks would never open their archives to such a thing, but it would be a treasure trove if it could happen.

"So, can you infect people?" the werewolf asked.
"What?" the mermaid said.
"Well, we can, vampires can, so-"
"Shame. I love the sea."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

I miss NASA. They aren't perfect, but at least their feeds were honest feeds and not marketing events.

These two people claimed they had no idea what happened at the third landing site.

Too bad they didn't turn around, there was a TV back there that was still showing a live feed.

Don't worry, there's definitely not a ghost behind you right now, invisibly watching your every move and biding its time. I mean, what would it even be biding its time FOR?

I feel like a Blood God would already have lots of blood, and would appreciate a different gift.

"It's true, young grandson, back then, sometimes there wouldn't be a single Star Wars film all year!"

This week's Jim Sterling show is great. It starts off good, and ends fantastic.

Next time someone asks what makes his show great, I'll just link to this one. If they don't like this one, they won't like any of them.

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