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Attention fantasy writers and set decorators : I grew up in the suburbs, and even I know that hay bales come from machines. They didn't have them in ye olde times.

Video-game level designers are probably the worst offenders of this one. They can't resist the temptation of a low-poly cuboid.

I hope that, one day, neural network AI content generation gets so good that I can just install a script on my TV called "Muppet Remake", and I can watch all movies that way.

I've tried to ride this out, but now that it's 2018, I'm finally going to just say it :
Stop describing cool videos as 'Oddly Satisfying'!! You know what would be satisfying? Using Different Words!

Ok... I've got IFTTT posting to Mastodon from Instagram, but it just gives a link to the image.

Mastodon doesn't expand it in the timeline.

Gotta figure out that next step.

Has anyone done this successfully?

We're all laughing at people from Oregon for being afraid of self-service gas even though it's great for the rest of the country.

This is probably how the rest of the developed world feels about us and socialized healthcare.

As a left-handed person. This is the one night a year I regret not buying a pair of lefty scissors.

Important question : Does having a bright red headlamp actually make it any safer to fly a small aircraft through heavy fog?

Asking for a friend. He needs to know before tomorrow night.

I wish Mastodon let you save GIFs *AS* GIFs.

Twitter won't give you that option because they want to force you to share only through their platform, but Mastodon could let us download the original format.

(Even if it uses mp4 for display for bandwidth reasons.)

Right now, at least a dozen people are frantically re-writing their upcoming Medium dot com posts from "How this loss is really a victory" to "How this win is really a defeat."

I once bet writer/game-designer Alex Kain one US dollar that consumer VR would be dead by Christmas 2018.

It's not looking good for me on that one, but I have a plan. I'm going to dress up as Santa and break into everyone's house's this Christmas Eve to steal their VR equipment.

If I went to the doctor and he said "We have a new system this year, instead of a needle, you can be immunized by putting spiders in your hair and running naked through a tiger enclosure." then I would go with the new system.

Needles are mankind's most terrifying invention.

There are a zillion countries on earth, why are country dropdowns always in dumb alphabetical order?

Why isn't it a standard UX convention to use IP geo-location and the current language to put best guesses near the top?

Every game platform has a confirmation screen that says "You're about to spend x$, are you sure?" before an in-app purchase. I'd love for those screens also show you your total spent to date for that particular title.

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