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It's too bad that Pogs can't make a come-back.

They're *so* easy to manufacture.

Think of all the small, independent, creators out there nowadays that could jump on that bandwagon!

I guess I'll keep these. Never know when I might need to look at the sun again.

"That's adorable that you were trying to craft an original experience, but what we just take one of our existing games and add some storm troopers or something?"

A lot of people don't realize that Blue-Checkmark people have a different Twitter experience than the rest of us.

They can set it so they don't even *see* notifications/replies from people who don't have the blue checkmark.

I'm trying to do some «spherical dot connectors», not sure about the result yet :D

#pico8 #indiedev #gamedev (late)#screenshotsaturday

Amazing how is hitting the edge of the map for the weather service's hurricane simulators.

The funny thing about Mastodon is that even the people who clearly think I'm insane or ignorant are polite.

Trained on Twitter, when I get a notification I'm all set to reply "Yeah? Well fuck you too, asshole!" Then I realize "oh wait, he didn't tell me to fuck off, he said to have a nice day."

If I owned a toilet paper factory. I'd put some kind of chip in them so that they'd only dispense sheets in the proper overhand, front-hanging fashion.

Obviously that kind of complexity would mean I'd lose money on every roll, but at least I'd be making the world a better place.

ah yes, the four alchemical elements: ground, vcc, clock, and data

Friday 13th roll-call!

Who are we all murdering tonight?

Huh, I wonder why there are fireworks tonight.

It's not a holiday, is it?

Besides Friday the 13th?

Why do the most obvious scams thrive on IndieGoGo?

This isn't quite as bad as that scuba mask that didn't need a tank, but COME ON!

Re : Twitter Boycott.

Let's be realistic. It won't even be a blip on their stats.

It will be lost in the noise of day-to-day variation.

It's like when the religious right get upset about something and post to social media "If every Christian boycotts [company] we'll show them we matter!!!1".

Don't you roll you eyes at those wingnuts? At how by shaking their fist impotently at a giant, they've proved their own desperation more than anything else?

How is this different?

Idea : Someone should make a twitter bot that searches for people who say "Twitter is garbage" and lets them know about Mastodon.

Here is an official NASA photograph of an astronomer.

I didn't think that's how astronomy works, but what do I know?

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, but doctors don't make house calls anymore, so you can basically eat whatever you want.

Friends, I used to be an internet utopian.

I was so very very wrong.

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