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"Flame in the Flood" is a great game.

"Survival elements" are a really tired gameplay mechanic on their own, but combined with a compelling journey through a flooded town, they provide a good experience.

If Humble is offering 100% off on this title, everyone should try it.

Got another FREE game coming your way. This time it is The Flame in the Flood. You have 48 hours to go grab your free copy. What are you waiting for?!?! GET OVER THERE AND GRAB A COPY!!! It does not support Linux sadly.

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The Americans in this thread sure are patriotic about these Turkish army helicopters doing a training maneuver.

I wonder if perhaps they think only the USA has helicopters.

This is pretty shameless. "General Umber"? Really?

I feel like I'm looking at the app store in real life.

After watching some YouTube videos about those "fire extinguisher balls", I'm not sure if I want one in every room of my house, or if I never want to come within a thousand feet of one.

Oh hey, the marketing department made a slick video about the haptic devices I write the drivers for.

A local news website is telling me that unless I disable my ad-blocker, they're going to punish me by not showing the auto-play videos.

What we have here is a win-win scenario!

This week's Jim Sterling show is about "Why We Need Middle Shelf Games".

It's like he READ MY MIND.

Earlier today, before I'd even read the title of his video, I was browsing through my old PS2 games, sad that my most cherished PS2 memories are the kind of "B Game" that we're not allowed to have anymore.

Apparently Ghostbusters action figures are priced by how awesome the character is.

Bought a used book. This was being used a bookmark.

Look how SHORT it is. Says what it needs to, and that's it. Nowadays you even can't walk past a big store without being handed three feet of register tape.

The best part is the purchases though. Odd World *AND* Duke Nukem?

Somebody was in for an awesome weekend back in 1997.


All private information shared with me will be used for blackmail.

If you do not consent to this policy, you may opt-out by sending $100,000 to my Paypal.

Hey. Today I learned that you can organize your Steam library into categories. (By right-clicking on a game and selected "Set Categories")

Why don't they make this more obvious? Or am I the last person to figure this out?

You ever wonder, fellow Americans, if maybe we should have elected that guy with a boot on his head?

This "See Through Walls" device involves drilling through a wall and putting a wide-angle lens through. Being a dirty pervert was hard work back before they invented wifi-enabled security cameras disguised as smoke detectors.

(Men's Life Aug.1970)

Enjoying ?

Remember: If you die in VR, you die in real life.

More Impressions :

* If I *have* to constantly carry an arrow in my primary hand when the bow is equipped, I wish I could use it as a crude stabby weapon. At *LEAST* for stuff like clearing spider-webs.

(I feel like this is the sort of thing they'd do if it was designed ground-up as a VR game.)

Impressions :
* You can tell it wasn't originally a VR game.
* It's still good enough that I'd probably love it if I hadn't already played Skyrim.
* The combat is disappointing if you've been spoiled by the fantastic and satisfying combat in "Gorn".
* "Dynamic Resolution" is a euphemism for "look really blurry"
* I never thought I cared about the dress-up aspect of the game, but not being able to see my own character bugs me.

With a 3d printing pen and some wood-composite filament, you could do additive whittling. Turn a spoon back into a block of wood.

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