@steviemcfly Geez. Why even bother?

Anyone thinking of getting one of those, there's not much chance they're on the "nice" list.

Hmm... I'm sure I could find new copies of these often read books, but I just can't bring myself to throw them out.


A lot of people think "Decentralized" has the same meaning as "Evenly Distributed, or else it's a failure."

I'm sure people who think that are nice people, but they're not as smart as they think they are.

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@garfiald Ok, I'll believe you, but _only_ because you have a four digit follower count and are therefore a very trustworthy person.

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@garfiald Oh some people like watching numbers go up.

Don't shame people for their harmless fun.

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Well, the good news is that my dad found my lost drone.

The bad news is he needed a 200mm lens to even SEE it.

@Taweret @max @bgcarlisle

Enterprise episode "Dear Doctor" covered evolution in a not entirely terrible way.

And nobody turned into a fish!

Is it possible to transfer an account, including followers and followees, to a new server?

When I signed up, that's what scared me away from small servers.
I figured larger, more proven servers were more likely to stick around.

If you told people they could transfer and not lose anything, I think they'd be more brave about picking smaller, more niche servers.

@SkyfaR @gargron
Or, Perhaps hide any instance that has more than 20% of the population in a given category.

All these clever math solutions would need to be monitored by a human ANYWAY, to guard against unforeseen problems, so there's not really much disadvantage in saving a step and just letting the human do it manually.

@Taweret @bgcarlisle

Wait! I'd forgotten about that episode.

That answers a previous discussion. Can mermaids develop space travel? Yes. By evolving into mind-reading humanoids.

@Austin_Dern I can't spot a year on that comic, but the earlier Peanuts was meaner then it's later years.

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