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Andy Lundell ๐Ÿ’ญ

Hey. Today I learned that you can organize your Steam library into categories. (By right-clicking on a game and selected "Set Categories")

Why don't they make this more obvious? Or am I the last person to figure this out?


Are they the only one that was grandfathered in? Or are they simply the last surviving one?

I don't know, but I mean, it's been over a century. Even if there were others, I wouldn't expect them to still be around.


Doesn't really seem that scandalous to let them be grandfathered in.

They have legitimately been selling the same product that whole time. (Except 1985!)

@celesteh "consumer cellular" is another option. They aggressively market to retired people, so my parents use them, and they seem pretty decent.

@apLundell Vermin Supreme is the only honest candidate

You ever wonder, fellow Americans, if maybe we should have elected that guy with a boot on his head?

@cypnk "When you survive on subscriptions, you push to the front what sells the most. "

I think you're exactly wrong. You're describing a model that depends on hit-count. That's what they're moving AWAY from.

This "See Through Walls" device involves drilling through a wall and putting a wide-angle lens through. Being a dirty pervert was hard work back before they invented wifi-enabled security cameras disguised as smoke detectors.

(Men's Life Aug.1970)


Webcomic RSS feeds are usually useless though.

In the glory days of RSS, the content was in the feed. Webcomic artists, insecure about their audience size, as artists often are, were the first to force you to click through.

There are a few that still put content in the feed, but they're the exception, not the rule.

Enjoying ?

Remember: If you die in VR, you die in real life.

I think we've lost the abbreviation "tech".

It now refers to internet based companies, like Facebook or Uber, most of which are entirely exploitative, and serve short-term Venture Capital investors instead of serving customers in any traditional sense.

I think if we want to talk about "Technology", we'll have to spell out the whole word.

@inurashii @caraellison

Of course not! Objects outside of our visible region have to be culled for performance reasons.

More Impressions :

* If I *have* to constantly carry an arrow in my primary hand when the bow is equipped, I wish I could use it as a crude stabby weapon. At *LEAST* for stuff like clearing spider-webs.

(I feel like this is the sort of thing they'd do if it was designed ground-up as a VR game.)

Impressions :
* You can tell it wasn't originally a VR game.
* It's still good enough that I'd probably love it if I hadn't already played Skyrim.
* The combat is disappointing if you've been spoiled by the fantastic and satisfying combat in "Gorn".
* "Dynamic Resolution" is a euphemism for "look really blurry"
* I never thought I cared about the dress-up aspect of the game, but not being able to see my own character bugs me.

Wow, is a lot more trippy than I expected it to be.

With a 3d printing pen and some wood-composite filament, you could do additive whittling. Turn a spoon back into a block of wood.

Looks like @panerabread is the latest company that should not be trusted with customer data.
Not only did they leak the data, they only PRETENDED to fix the security hole and thought nobody would notice it was still there.

So, schools that are requiring clear backpacks, are they also banning things like binders and folders?

Because when I was in grade school, I'm pretty sure I could have hidden at least two handguns in my Trapper Keeper.

This is now how I imagine the future of gaming.