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Andy Lundell 💭

Sometimes I think preppers have the right idea.

But once you've stockpiled a year of food, why do you have to wait for the Apocalypse to lock yourself in your house?

Oooo. I got a check for the interest on my security deposit.

$0.27! What should I spend it on?

Important reminder :

In British English "turtles" and "tortoises" are different.

In American English a "tortoise" is a TYPE of "Turtle".

This usage took hold after the two languages separated, so neither is more correct than the other.

A lot of people out there seem confused on this critically important point.

I created this handy infographic.

I didn't bother going all the way back to Black Caldron, though.

Fun fact : There's a racist myth that 'Princess and the Frog' was Disney Feature Animations' least successful film. Not even close. It's 'Black Cauldron'.

@fabre_gregori I like how the article tries to blame the whole thing on phones.
As if there was no way for the architect to predict that people might be busy and distracted AT WORK.

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Woo. I combined two broken Steam Controllers into one working controller.
I feel like a hacker.

@codeawayhaley @chr
I dunno. I feel like in a transhumanist future, the people with the cat-ears will be the rich kids buying bodies with their parent's money.

I mean, we already live in a world where you can drive any car you want, but how do you feel about the people who spend money on custom sportscars?

@chr besides, if I lived in world where uploading to a new body was possible, unless EVERYONE could afford it, I'd personally want one that was outwardly inconspicuous.

It'd be the ultimate privilege, and if I was one of the haves, I wouldn't want to flaunt it and rub it in the faces of the have-nots.

@chr I'll bet people who are currently crippled or near death would think YOU are the one missing the point.

To Americans, I think the most irritating part of the Metric system is that it has a temperature scale designed for chemistry, and not for weather.

I propose that Fahrenheit be adopted as the SI unit for "Air Comfyness"

@reibeatall I want to see all the pilots that never get turned into shows.

Occasionally they get shown once as a "movie", or they get leaked, but usually they just disappear never too be seen by anyone outside the network.

For instance, in an archive somewhere, there's a pilot episode of a kid's cartoon based on the 'Alien' franchise, wouldn't it be awesome if we could see it?

There should be a streaming site that just buys up unsold pilots.

I suppose the networks would never open their archives to such a thing, but it would be a treasure trove if it could happen.

@crowdyke @gkciww In most American cities "Public Transit" is a handful of buses.

All those passengers are already on the roads, just not in personal cars.

"So, can you infect people?" the werewolf asked.
"What?" the mermaid said.
"Well, we can, vampires can, so-"
"Shame. I love the sea."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

@Maenad Wait. You're planning on showing up to a D&D game with a story about buying a pizza?

And you won't have a pizza with you?

@celesteh However, I do enjoy how, including the Buran prototype, The Space Shuttles all have names starting with the first five letters of the alphabet. At least in English.

Somehow that has always seemed significant to me.

@celesteh Pfft. It doesn't count as most powerful space vehicle if it never goes to space!