I don't know a lot about black holes, but I assume they add these glowing rings so you don't accidentally drive into one?

@Austin_Dern I know that's only six, so throw in Peter Cushing.

When Cushing played The Doctor, there was only one. So that's the one he must have been playing.

@Austin_Dern I think we're already up to seven.

Not counting stand-ins like stunt doubles and hand-models, I put the list like this :

- William Hartnell
- Richard Hurndall ("Five Doctors")
- Michael Jones ("Listen")
- David Bradley (A few Capaldi episodes and a bunch of Big Finnish episodes)
- William Russell (Big Finnish's 50th aniversary special : "The Light at the End")
- Geoffrey Bayldon (Two Big Finish episodes)

@fraggle Occult hands are always reaching down to change people's opinions of Agatha Christie novels.

It's a real problem.

@dankwraith There are physical toys like that too. Things that just don't work properly, and it's obvious that someone said "It's good enough, it's just for kids."

Of course. A "Video Game Stool".

A SPIDERMAN "Video Game Stool".

The gaming accessory we've all been waiting for.

The left wing media wants you to believe that vaccines are safe, but consider this : My arm still kinda hurts.

People are mocking the Canadian Olympic uniform for it's faux-punk look.

But I'd take faux-punk over the USA's aggressively bland preppy look any day.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien Whenever I've gone to a baseball game, I've always been amazed at the people who leave before the Ninth.

Even if the score is tied!

Do people just get bored halfway through the game?

Are they trying to "Beat the traffic" by missing the most exciting part of the game they paid hundreds to see?

I never understand.

@tparadox @Taweret I wonder if NASA (or SpaceForce?) has a plan for if aliens show up to steal Saturn's rings.

@Taweret Also, try Saturn. Most of the rings are ice.

I mean, you'd have to melt it yourself, but it would beat having to land on an unfamiliar planet.

@oldroadside According to Google, it looks like this is still a restaurant, but a different one now.

I wasn't able to find what I wanted to know, though : Do they let guests go up the lighthouse? Because that would be cool.

Looks like this state halted the J&J vaccine for safety right after I got it.

I haven't looked up what horrible thing they've found out it does.

If it turns people into zombies, nobody tell me.

@photophoregirl How do you rank streamers with cameras on, versus streamers with just screen-capture?

I feel like those are different categories, maybe even before age.

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