Amazon has suddenly started recommending swords to me.

The Algorithm Knows All, so I suppose I'd better figure out which ancient evil I'm supposed to be vanquishing.


I've always thought that RPG makers miss a trick by including "New Game Plus", but not "New Game Minus".

Like, I'll never devote 60 hours to "Chrono Cross" again, but I wish there was a mode I could use to hit the high points in one sitting.


Random encounters kill most of them for me.

"Here's a wonderful new world! If you try to explore it, we'll interrupt you every three steps you take!"

Even if the combat is fun, I can't enjoy it if I'm angry at the game for interrupting my attempt to look around.

Apparently, back in December a new DLC came out of Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Fantastic. My actual real apartment where I live is a mess, but that won't stop me from spending all weekend mopping a virtual space station!

Gotta make these space stations spotless.

If you were applying for a job as a labyrinth guard, would you want to be the one that always tells the truth, or the one that always lies?

I feel like the lying guard probably has the most fun, but I wonder if there's a long-term effect of having to get into that mindset every day.


If paramount pictures sold officially licensed Raktajino, I'd buy it.

I want to start my day with a tall glass of iced klingon coffee.


You say that like you think chocolate bitcoins don't exist.

Of *COURSE* they exist.

@Taweret Then we'll need more moons.

I've always thought that should be NASA's priority.

There are eight planets and 185 known planetary moons.

So You'd think our planet would have about twenty moons, right?

WRONG! We've only got ONE!

Why isn't NASA fixing this?!?

Look, we get it. The moon's crazy orbit makes it look slightly different every month.

We don't need a faux-folksy name for every full moon.


There. I fixed it.

Now you feel compelled to watch the whole thing.

I only keep one 'Star Wars' book in my home, but I feel like it's the most important book in the franchise.

@mdm @celesteh

Incidentally, on browsers there are plug-ins to block all algorithmic YouTube suggestions, but not so much for phones and tablets.

@celesteh Whatever video he watches, the YouTube algorithm will recommend something he'll find "engaging" to watch afterwards.

Finding a "good" YouTube channel might be a bit of a trap. YouTube is the problem.

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