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Andy Lundell ๐Ÿ’ญ

@selcal @stefanhayden
What kind of question is that? Everyone knows that, in any situation, having ice cream is better than not having ice cream.

I'm glad putting clap emoji between words is fading out and becoming a marker for olds who can't keep up.

I'm also an old who can't keep up, so I don't know what cool kids are doing instead, but it can't possibly be any worse.

@dosnostalgic Wait, what happened there? The knight landed on the queen's square, but somehow the queen took the knight?

@infinity NASA-TV is live here

(They've put away the knife. Now they're figuring out the best way to route a data-cable that isn't quite long enough to put where they wanted to put it.)

Watching today's spacewalk, I notice mission control keeps reminding the space-walker every few seconds "Please be careful while using the knife". "You need to exercise extreme caution when using the cutting tool." "Please put away the knife when you're done using it."

This is why I could never be an astronaut. There's no way I'd be able to avoid shouting back "For fuck's sake, I know how to use a knife!"

...and then seconds later I would accidentally cut my suit.

@gargron Will Tooters themselves be able to click through and find the actual numbers for their own toots?

Seems like there are legit reasons you might want to measure response to a toot, even if you don't want it those numbers in your face all the time.

This is an interesting thread.

I don't always agree with the decisions @gargron is making, but I'm glad that actual design decisions are being made, instead of some kind of please-everyone muddle where everything is a config option.

It makes me hopeful for Mastodon as a social media community, and not just an interesting piece of software.

@sanspoint I can't stand the little branding animation.

It's like I'm starting up a playstation. Just show me my email.

Organic? Perlite is a type of rock.
I'm pretty sure it's mostly silica.

If this product is "organic", then something has gone horribly wrong.

@Sir_Boops Is this about Unions, or about how taller people are better than short people?

You can always tell a foreign eBay seller pretending to be American when they use a dollar coin for scale.

I'm impressed and relieved that is doing a new series and it's NOT a prequel, and it's NOT a reboot.

Those are really the signs of a tired franchise that's run out of ideas, so it's wonderful to see clawing itself out of that hole.


Who says there's no good news anymore?

@musicman Lighthouse keeper.

It's a real shame most lighthouses are automated these days.

Wow, Fallout is really going in a bold new direction with this new PipBoy design.

They should make a Mixed Reality version of where I think I'm in a whimsical world, but really I'm just doing chores around the house.

Look at Mars! The only people who live on Mars are robots, and yet they get twice as many moons as we do?

How does that even make sense? What good are moons to a robot?

Those should be our moons.