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What's really fun is paying attention to O'Brien's rank. He alternates between being an officer and a non-com.

My theory is that there's two of them. Twins. One went to the academy, and one joined starfleet as an enlisted man.

Both served on Enterprise but never acknowledged each-other.

I wonder if the officer O'Brien is irritated that his non-com brother got such a prestigious posting on DS9.

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I was also going to suggest SCP. It's not a perfect fit, because a lot of the articles try to do too much world-building, and ironically that breaks the illusion.

Still worth a read though.

Also shout out to the dude who said his main hobby was philosophy. I told him I had not read much and asked him for recommendations, and he told me to "check out stuff like this" and linked the wikipedia page for "Philosophy"

@Taweret On planet Oompa-Loompa we were random circuit boards as clasps for our dumb hoodies.

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I think we saw Troi in her office a couple of times, which seems like where she would be ... logically?

It's really weird to see PR for a 'Fallout' game and think "Meh. Not for me."

@ryanlittlefield Cat food isn't cheap. He's got to pay for his room and board with YouTube royalties.

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1x04 was "A Man Alone"
1x05 was "Babel".

They were both excellent episodes in different ways.

I'll happily take either of them over any of the mirror universe episodes.

heck yeah I went through a goth phase

i spent three years as a stark blasted tree hovering over a moor, and let me tell you: many a woman in a sheer nightgown fled past me, in the shadow of the foreboding mansion that hovered over the landscape and held its dark secrets close

@Taweret This is true, of course, but it makes me worry about duck eggs.

@Taweret Q wasn't even interested in Sisko. Q was just passing by, and he still managed to make a fool of Sisko.

Picard, on the other hand, was of particular interest to the Q (Because of Farpoint), but still managed to hold his own against Q.

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The thing is, like all analog formats, quality is all about how much you paid for your player. So we're all remembering the players teenagers could afford.

This is why people from my dad's generation laugh at the vinyl comeback. If your experience with vinyl was the kind of record player teenagers owned in the 60s you'd think the vinyl comeback was dumb as bricks.

See also: VHS can look about as good as a DVD, but not on my family's $25 vcr.

@mono I keep telling them that, but they throw me out anyway.


Sure, but there are only two usable portable music formats :

* Compact Cassette
* Digital Files

And then a whole pile of formats that technically portable but are really unusable so they don't count :
*Pocket Rockers
*About a zillion Sony proprietary formats that never caught on.
*Micro cassette
*Those dolls where you pull a string and a tiny plastic record plays a three seconds audio clip.

I wish web designers would stop making "State" a drop-down field.

Standard abbreviations are TWO LETTERS.

Do all web designers live in Alabama?

(If they insist on being clever about validation, why are they even asking for my state? They've already asked for my zip code!)

@Taweret Some Trek books try to explain the science of the translators, which is always terrible.

Trek isn't hard-sci-fi enough to really get into in-depth prose explanations of that kind of stuff without it getting really cringe-worth.

@Taweret It's pretty well established that next-gen era universal translators somehow work both ways.

When they arrive at an uncontacted planet, they can speak the local's language.

(Perhaps via the same magic that allows the communicators to put through a call before you explain who it's going to.)

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