I noticed today that there is a bridge near me that has a cornerstone that reads "2022".

Does that mean the bridge is from the future?

(Didn't take a photo, but here's one from Google.)

You know how Amazon pays the post office to make deliveries just for them on Sundays?

They do that even if you have a PO box.

So now I get "delivery failure" notices telling me that the post office couldn't deliver my package because my address is inside a post office and the post office was closed.

I hope Amazon still pays them extra for that nonsense.

I like the abbreviation "IMHO".

Sure, it's ambiguous, but that's great.

People who value humility read it as "Humble Opinion", and people who value honesty more read it as "Honest Opinion".

We need more acronyms that work that way.

dr who 

dr who 

dr who 

(Of course, I'm forced to admit that the reason I find so many of these names funny sounding is because I'm linguistically ignorant.

But even the ones in the only language I know are silly. You can't get coffee from peach trees.)

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A line is emerging among Twitter racists that bow&arrow guy was not a real threat because he was using "target arrows".

I've got some target arrows, so if anyone wants to know what it feels like to have a target arrow go in your chest and out your back, let me know, maybe I can hook you up.

@remulacfrommars The best part is that he probably would have executed people for saying something like this.

I took a couple of photographs at a local George Floyd vigil.

By the time I see them, almost nobody will remember his name.

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Went out this evening to try out an old camera I recently bought.

I don't think I have the patience or attention-span for old fashioned photography.

It's absolutely maddening that I don't even know if I did it correctly because I won't see the images until they're developed.

I don't know how humanity managed to invent cameras before computers.

I can't tell if this is a really clever idea, or if it's just a really complicated replacement for emery boards which you could get for pennies.


Judging by Twitter, it looks like there are a LOT of white-supremacist militias and related anti-government crazies who are driving as fast as they can to get to Minneapolis.

I'm sure that'll help.

There was a cool post I was going to boost, but now I can't find it again.

If you did a cool toot, please just pretend I boosted it.

@drwho Yes! Exactly.

If you were doing an intentionally campy movie about a super villain, his lackeys would dress like this.

You can imagine Austin Powers gunning these guys down.

Well, there's today's good and fun news done with.

Now we can go back to non-stop news about human misery.

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