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I mean, an "overall" is something like this, right?

If it's "open almost to the waist", I guess that means the straps are unhooked?

But ... that's what holds them up?

Won't it just slide down around her ankles the moment she tries to walk?

When I try to build something, Cotterpin Doozer sits on my work bench and supervises.

I still love looking up one-star reviews of good movies.

Since we're on a Jim Henson kick tonight, here's cult classic : "The Dark Crystal" and why random Amazon users think you shouldn't watch it.

It's so weird how Honey comes in bear shaped jars and bottles. Not just one brand either.

I can't think of any other foods that traditionally come in animal-shaped containers.

huh. My chromebook has glitched and is showing the wrong icon for

It's an omen.

Watching an old episode of Trek while I do other things.

I love how the next-gen era weapons are designed with such poor ergonomics that the actors usually aimed them way too high, and the FX team had to draw the beam at an angle.

See, Starfleet's pacifist philosophy extends even into their equipment design.

They use ergonomics to encourage firing warning shots over the heads of their enemies.

Huh. Kate Mulgrew apparently has a book out.

I had no idea she was also an author.

Unfortunately, It looks like the sort of intensely personal memoir that I would not ever read.

Fun-Time Activity : Looking up the 1-star Amazon reviews for classic films.

Here are some insightful reviews for "The Maltese Falcon".


I like to think of myself as an innovator, so I've just discovered what might be a brand new reason to be irritated by Star Trek : Enterprise's "Xindi" story arc.

Using the on-screen special effects as a guide, I have plotted out the 4,000 kilometer swath of destruction from Florida to "Venezuela".

All you people with consoles had it easy. This is the Mario of my youth.

And we LIKED it!

Aw man. Science ruins everything.

I always thought Dire wolves were huge.


Look at this size comparison! Sure that's a big wolf, but it's not huge. I've seen ordinary dogs bigger than that!

I'm reading a book on old Folk Toys.

This friendly fellow is called "Saw Man".

More IndieGoGo nonsense. Creepy Sex Stuff Edition 

IndieGoGo's "Health" category is wall-to-wall scams that nobody should fall for if they paid attention in High School science class.

This one seemed intriguing, though.

Sadly, though don't mean it literally.

The M&M website is AGE-GATED?

I guess it gives parents a chance to have The Talk about creamy milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell.

Kids need to know that it melts in your mouth, not in your hand. And that's OK.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Spoilers. 

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