Sadly, the final few chapters of the book were illustrated competently enough that there are no hilariously bad pictures.

It's like the author got better at drawing as the book progressed. Which makes sense I suppose, but maybe he could have practiced a little BEFORE writing a book that depended on having lots of illustrations.

However, I just noticed that the author's name is "Dick Schnacke" which is a funny name, however it's pronounced.

Reading old 'Galaxy' magazines while I eat lunch.

Came across this classic gem.

If you own a label maker, and you haven't labeled it, then I don't know what's wrong with you, but you need to sort out your priorities.

Review and Slight spoilers for the old book "Alas Babylon". Show more

This kid is furious that video games haven't been invented yet.

"Not even Atari? Ugh! I guess I'll just stand here and blow into this stupid whirlygig like an jerk, because there's apparently nothing else to do."

Here is a picture of Marty Feldman that was on Wikipedia's home page today.

No reason. It's just a fantastic photo.

Whoever owned this book before me, I hope you remembered your phone call.

Here's what it would look like finished, if that helps.

(The mane is supposed to be made from a scrap piece of sheepskin, you know, left over from all your other sheepskin-related projects.)

Reading more of this old book on "American Folk Toys", I discover what horses used to look like.

Look! I haven't even watched this yet, and I already know it'll be the Best Movie.

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Making a custom "action figure" and/or "display figure"?

It turns out that the more expensive female base bodies advertise the following intriguing feature :

"Well defined woman secret part"

How Exciting! A secret!

You think you'd be self-conscious using the video communications on 'Star Trek' if you knew they were going to put you up on a ten foot screen?

That's gotta be weird.

This is a rather amazing cover art, though.

I imagine this one guy is going to save everybody ... who is apparently just standing around.

A bow? On a plane?

Wow, the [checks copyright] 1950s really were a different time.

The Windows screenshot key-combo is impossible to do single-handed on most keyboards. (Windows-PrtScn)

So, I used a Teensy-LC microcontroller to turn a quiz "buzzer" into a screenshot button.

Now I can just slap this button to get a screenshot of whatever I happen to be working on.

On the subject of Sci-Fi from 1986, I recently read "Marooned in Realtime" and enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting.

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