The first time Prince Adam held aloft his magic sword and became HE-MAN, do you think he was surprised by the costume change?

I would be.

That'd be the strangest part of the whole thing.

I was going to make a joke about people buying cardboard standees during the self-isolation orders, but it turns out that's actually a real thing people are doing.

Check out the customer testimonials for this website!

Either something has gone terribly wrong with the pigments in this old paint, or Saint Corona might have been from Orion.

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I'm sad this story is fake. It would be amazing.

Dumb. But Amazing.

Organizing my Stereograph cards.

If this fad from the 1920s ever comes back into fashion, I'm all set!

I'm prepared for this harsh new world where Z80 CPUs are, for some reason, the new standard for high-tech.

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Turns out there's such thing as an "Ant feeder".

I guess they're probably for people who keep ants as pets, but I like to imagine that you just leave them out, like bird feeders.

Would Covid-19 be better or worse if it worked like DS9's Aphasia virus?

I hope all the registered Libertarians out there are voting for Vermin Supreme.

We didn't vote for him when he ran as a Democrat, and look what happened!

Also, that photographed really weird.

To the naked eye, that whole sign was the orange color you see under the "e".

But my phone saw most of it as yellow.

It showed up normal in the reflection.

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Guess there won't be any more expensive burgers with fancy fries sold in this neighborhood.


Today I learned that there used to be an operating system called "GIRLS".

You'll never guess who wrote it.

Every game-dev forum gets a topic like this at least once a week.

I'm trying to think of the oldest version of this I've seen.

I'm sure I've seen "The Next Everquest". That was roughly a million years ago.

Found while browsing Wikipedia :

The nation of Eritrea has children on their banknotes.

That strikes me as a way better system than presidents or the queen.

Do any other nations do this?

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