Hmm... I'm sure I could find new copies of these often read books, but I just can't bring myself to throw them out.

Well, the good news is that my dad found my lost drone.

The bad news is he needed a 200mm lens to even SEE it.

I guess I'm starting a collection of counterfeits of game cartridges that never really existed.

So far, I've got "Radical Dreamers", "Chrono Trigger : Crimson Echos", "Energy Breaker", and "Clock Tower", all in English on working SNES cartridges.

They're well made, too. Besides the obvious, and the fact that they're brand new, you've really got to look closely to tell they're not genuine.

I'm a little disappointed, actually. I was expecting these to be more shoddy.

16bit Star Trek games thoughts :

Mazes. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MAZES?!? Not interesting ones, either. Boring, tedious ones.

I couldn't get past the first few levels of the SNES DS9 game. After about five levels of timed platforming mazes, I just couldn't take any more. So tedious.

The Genesis/MD TNG game is better. At least it has Ferengi. But away missions are still MAZES! WHY?!?

I'm sure this game never came out in English, or on its own cartridge for that matter, but here it is!

Amazing what you can get from China these days.

A brief history of the temptations of sirens :

Ancient Greek : Listen to our beautiful voices sing temping lies.

Medieval : Hey boys! Watch me spread my flippers!

Modern : CAFFEINE!!!

This cover is AMAZING.

I need to find a copy of this comic.

I think I'm going to need a new drone.

This one isn't coming back.

My Halloween themed stress ball just exploded and sprayed fake blood on me.

It looks like I've been shot in the leg.

On the one hand, I guess that's spoooOOooky, but on the other hand, it has not appreciably reduced my stress levels.

These are actually from a patent Nintendo filed for a gameboy-based text messaging service. (US6716103B1)

To use emoji, you'd need these "symbol cards" that would have been sold in retail blind bags.

Somehow I like the idea of having to physically collect emoji, even though that's absurd.

Oh no. @Lazy8Studios is shutting down "Extrasolar". This is a real tragedy.

If you've never played this sci-fi game about piloting a NASA-style rover on an alien world, try it right now.

You've got less than a month before it disappears for good.

Why is 'The Oregon Trail', the only notable computer RPG about real historical events?

In all of human history, are there no other adventures worthy of a video game?

If you build an AI robot capable of feeling pleasure, it will discover a way to masturbate.

Did you know you can just BUY these things?

9 bucks on Amazon and you're set for life. Don't even have to leave the house.

A while back I made a joke that cats needed to get beyond iPad games and upgrade to console games.

Silly me, cat gamers have already gone more hardcore than I expected.

Turns out there is a modern cartridge for old NES systems, specifically designed to be played by cats.

I'm sad that it's sold out.

Decided it was time to double-check the first-aid kit I've kept in my kitchen for years.

Ok then. I guess I'm prepared for anything.

Wow, Early prototypes of the Apollo program were certainly very different.

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