I wish web designers would stop making "State" a drop-down field.

Standard abbreviations are TWO LETTERS.

Do all web designers live in Alabama?

(If they insist on being clever about validation, why are they even asking for my state? They've already asked for my zip code!)

It's now been THREE WEEKS since you could buy a pizza in this town.

I had to make a store-bought frozen pizza instead!

It has now been over TWO WEEKS since it was possible to buy a pizza in this town.

I think I'm suffering withdrawal.

Figured out what that weird gun I found in a stock photo was.

Not a gun at all (despite the stock photo's description). It's a powder tester. There's no place for a bullet, just powder. The force of the shot spins that dial around, and you can precisely measure how good your powder is.

Any gun nuts out there?

What's the mechanism that's attached to this antique handgun?

Is it a self-timer like on a camera? That seems like a bad idea.

I bought a calculator watch off eBay for One Dollar.

Now I can be exactly as cool as I was in 7th grade.

Hey! They call these things "All weather flags"!
They should get their money back!

(From the explore.org live feed of of an offshore platform in the middle of Hurricane )

It's so weird that @Patreon's UX makes it so difficult to increase a pledge.

I can become a patron from a creator's page, so that's where I instinctively go to increase my pledge, but I can't spot an easy way to do it from there.

Back in the 1980s, what species were the Chipettes?

Were they chipmunks? Or were they just a AatC tribute band made up of human girls?

Yeah nice new cage-free packaging art, but look at the expression on that lion's face.

Look at his eyes.

In about three seconds that zebra is going to wish it was still in a cage.

Organic? Perlite is a type of rock.
I'm pretty sure it's mostly silica.

If this product is "organic", then something has gone horribly wrong.

Wow, Fallout is really going in a bold new direction with this new PipBoy design.

You want to strictly schedule this sort of stuff ahead of time.

"The river? Uh, yeah, It's right over there. Do you white people not know what a river looks like?"

Twitter should use this same wording for the new follower notification.

Ok. I've mixed in the magic powder. My monkeys better show up soon.

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