People argue about feet/inches versus meters, but there's only one true universal measurement system.

You think Optimus Prime felt cool saying this?

Or did he spend the rest of the battle thinking "Oh god, did I really say that?!?"

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I got one of those fans that is also a clock and it's fantastic. I feel like I'm living in the future now.

Every once and a while my phone's pedometer will suddenly go crazy.

Not this time, though. I really did walk 15 miles in the last five minutes.

In my pajamas, no less.

I had no idea it was called that, but I instantly recognized "Archimedean Excogitation" when I saw it on Wikipedia's front page.

Even though they used a terrible photograph.

I've spent a lot of time staring into this thing, and I wish I could spend more. It's mesmerizing.

BTW, to make the button inserts, I used my laser printer and this hole cutter.

It's so flimsy and plastic that I was skeptical that this thing would work, but it works like magic.

It cuts out a perfect circle each time.

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Here's my new "headphone hook" that also has a screenshot button and a mute-microphone button.

I love stuff like this. With a 3d printer and a "Teansy" ardruino-like, this was a super simple project, but it's a nice customization to my work desk.

I miss the "Degauss" button on monitors.

If I was a monitor manufacturer, I would put an emulated version of this effect on all modern monitors.

You see, I don't use the phrase "Comic books". They're Graphic Novels.

I'm reading a legitimate work of literature that just happens to also be illustrated.

Here's a confusing headline.

... I mean. Yeah? ... They're an airline.

Remember how cool stacking pencils are?

Why do we stop using these around grade four?

They're the best pencils.

The neat thing about this neighborhood is our network of historic canals.

Wait! ... Oh no!

I wonder what it would take to move Alaska and Hawaii to western Mexico like they do on maps.

Removed the buzzer membrane from my bread machine.

Should have done this years ago.

Now I can make bread without letting the whole neighborhood know.

When selecting a label-maker, make sure it supports all the symbols you use regularly.

Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend the size of a thing you've only heard about on the news.

It can help to compare it to something more familiar.

I took this screenshot a few seconds ago.

I'll never understand timezones.

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