Ooo. Someone did the Zephram Cochrane statue. (I think the file might be ripped from "Startrek Online", actually.)

That's hilarious. It's such an absurd statue.

Is this one offensive? Either to Buddhists or to Patrick Stewart?

It's _creepy_, I know that much.

I wonder why they're so coy about the names.

Does thingiverse have a rule against busts of TV characters?

Here's "Obsessive Metamorph Security Officer".

Someone on Thingiverse has done busts of Trek characters.

If you had a 3d printer you could have this lovely bust on your mantelpiece.

I love label makers.

Imagine if I had just jotted this down on a piece of white tape. Terrible.

This marker would be a lot more inspirational if there were some train tracks nearby.

Is this monument supposed to be a set of stairs?

I feel like if you're making an inspirational monument in the form of a set of stairs, it would be best if they actually WENT somewhere.

I wonder if it used to, but then the path was moved at some point?

Wow, I had no idea "Costume Cards" were such a collectable.

Seems like every costume from every TV show is cut up into scraps and sold as holy relics.

I'm trying to find the most ridiculous one that I still recognize.

So these reading glasses are in every prescription all at once?

That's not how lenses work.

I wonder what the scam is here, but I'm not paying $15 to find out.

This is the standard by which I try to live my life.

(I believe this is from some Canadian magazine I've never heard of, but it is peak 90s. It doesn't matter if they were being serious or satirical. In retrospect it's the same either way.)

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