Found while browsing Wikipedia :

The nation of Eritrea has children on their banknotes.

That strikes me as a way better system than presidents or the queen.

Do any other nations do this?

I really wish I liked "Dating Sim" style games.

Those games seem to have the most creativity out of any genre of games.

Here's "Dinosaur Shakespeare: To Date or Not To Date?"

It's about dinosaur high school after the K–T extinction event has happened and they know their species are doomed.

Oh here we go.

VR's "killer app".

The simulation we've all been waiting for.

"Dancing With Anime Girls VR"

I usually can't stand "Dating Simulators", but this one has has a clever name.

Browsing the "All new releases" list on Steam is a trip.

I wonder if this game's developer has ever SEEN a giraffe?

You know age-old product has all but disappeared recently?

Non-sports Trading cards.

Besides a smattering of Garbage Pail Kids and Star Wars cards, They've been almost entirely replaced with collectable card games.

Those are kind of the opposite of trading cards, you don't trade with your friends so that both of you can get a complete set.

You try to get a *more* complete set than your friends.

I don't know what's causing this sudden wave of Yoshi hate on the my feed, but I'm onboard.

If only for this abomination :

Maybe it would be cheaper to get the Kindle edition....

Wait a minute...

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I was thinking about re-subscribing to Analog Magazine.

I probably won't spend the money, but the cover of this month's issue sure is tempting.

I hate it when movie posters do this.

I don't care what the actors' contracts say about who gets top billing, you need to put the names in the same order as the picture!

Newspaper comics were wild back in 1939.

I wonder how many people who read this as a kid would subsequently write angry letters about how degenerate comics had gotten 50 years later.

If you own a 3d printer, a good habit to get into is printing a small sample every time you get a new spool of material.

I make mine into coins featuring my own face, so I can pretend I'm the ruler of a small, but powerful kingdom.

At my parent's house, I see that they've captured my entire personality in four photographs.

Hey! Netflix actually added a a feature I want to their service!

For his birthday, I'm getting my dad a subscription to his favorite movie streaming service.

I could just put the printout in an envelope, but I decided to use my 3d printer to make a more appropriate presentation.

I love how so many old movie trailers have someone standing there, trying to sell you on the movie.

Why did they do that? And why did they stop?

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