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Andy Lundell ๐Ÿ’ญ

Organic? Perlite is a type of rock.
I'm pretty sure it's mostly silica.

If this product is "organic", then something has gone horribly wrong.


Who says there's no good news anymore?

Wow, Fallout is really going in a bold new direction with this new PipBoy design.

You want to strictly schedule this sort of stuff ahead of time.

"The river? Uh, yeah, It's right over there. Do you white people not know what a river looks like?"

Twitter should use this same wording for the new follower notification.

Ok. I've mixed in the magic powder. My monkeys better show up soon.

After discussing the Oregon Trail handheld, I started thinking about other RPG games I wish had turned into handhelds.

I've sketched out my ideal fantasy of a Tiger Electronics handheld.

Of course, this would probably be the most expensive one they ever made, both for the screens, and for the ram/rom requirements ...


When did it become acceptable for Microsoft to put advertisements in our Start menu?

When did we decide it was OK for them to do that?

Fooling around with the wonderfully absurd Oregon Trail handheld.

I wonder : Is this the first time an RPG has been published in a dedicated handheld?

RIP Klout. Without , how will I know how important I am?

This is pretty shameless. "General Umber"? Really?

I feel like I'm looking at the app store in real life.

A local news website is telling me that unless I disable my ad-blocker, they're going to punish me by not showing the auto-play videos.

What we have here is a win-win scenario!

This week's Jim Sterling show is about "Why We Need Middle Shelf Games".

It's like he READ MY MIND.

Earlier today, before I'd even read the title of his video, I was browsing through my old PS2 games, sad that my most cherished PS2 memories are the kind of "B Game" that we're not allowed to have anymore.

Apparently Ghostbusters action figures are priced by how awesome the character is.

Bought a used book. This was being used a bookmark.

Look how SHORT it is. Says what it needs to, and that's it. Nowadays you even can't walk past a big store without being handed three feet of register tape.

The best part is the purchases though. Odd World *AND* Duke Nukem?

Somebody was in for an awesome weekend back in 1997.

Hey. Today I learned that you can organize your Steam library into categories. (By right-clicking on a game and selected "Set Categories")

Why don't they make this more obvious? Or am I the last person to figure this out?

You ever wonder, fellow Americans, if maybe we should have elected that guy with a boot on his head?

This "See Through Walls" device involves drilling through a wall and putting a wide-angle lens through. Being a dirty pervert was hard work back before they invented wifi-enabled security cameras disguised as smoke detectors.

(Men's Life Aug.1970)