Look, we get it. The moon's crazy orbit makes it look slightly different every month.

We don't need a faux-folksy name for every full moon.

I only keep one 'Star Wars' book in my home, but I feel like it's the most important book in the franchise.

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

ST TNG Comic #3 Show more

Well, a poorly placed beverage slowed me down for a while, but a replacement comic has been acquired.

I hope issue #3 is as insane as the first two.

This was an interesting exercise, visualizing the gender bias in my bookcases.

It's ... not as neutral as it could be, that's for sure. Something to aim for, I guess.

(I did it real quick and probably misidentified a couple authors, but it's roughly correct. Books without clear authorship, or personal books like photo albums were left uncolored.)

"Vintage Victorian Costume Prop"

Wow, Victorian times were amazing!

The best Shaggy variant is the one from "Scooby Apocalypse". I'm disappointed he's not appearing in more memes.

I mean, look at him! It's the end of the world, but he's still his sandwich.

The history of affordable consumer 3d, right here on my bookshelf.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living in an 80s cyberpunk novel, and I've just never met the protagonist.

Remember when Mulder and Scully were on Simpsons?

What if they had just kept doing that and from that point forward, completely replaced both shows with an animated version of The X-Files?

I think that would have worked out better for everyone.

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