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Andy Lundell πŸ’­ @apLundell

This week's Jim Sterling show is about "Why We Need Middle Shelf Games".

It's like he READ MY MIND.

Earlier today, before I'd even read the title of his video, I was browsing through my old PS2 games, sad that my most cherished PS2 memories are the kind of "B Game" that we're not allowed to have anymore.

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@apLundell I feel like we're getting selected indies to fill some of those gaps.

@electrotamitha A bit, yeah.

But I feel like there's still a big gap.

A title like "Raw Danger" is small potatoes to a big publisher, but it would be beyond the budget of most smaller studios.

And that gap is exactly where my fondest gaming memories come from. :(

@apLundell Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist?

@apLundell I'd be more impressed if this video came with a transcript. I can read faster than this clown can talk.

@starbreaker That is why YouTube allows you to play videos at 2X speed!

I highly recommend it. I listen to podcasts that way too.