Impressions :
* You can tell it wasn't originally a VR game.
* It's still good enough that I'd probably love it if I hadn't already played Skyrim.
* The combat is disappointing if you've been spoiled by the fantastic and satisfying combat in "Gorn".
* "Dynamic Resolution" is a euphemism for "look really blurry"
* I never thought I cared about the dress-up aspect of the game, but not being able to see my own character bugs me.


More Impressions :

* If I *have* to constantly carry an arrow in my primary hand when the bow is equipped, I wish I could use it as a crude stabby weapon. At *LEAST* for stuff like clearing spider-webs.

(I feel like this is the sort of thing they'd do if it was designed ground-up as a VR game.)

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