Andy Lundell 💭

Of COURSE the first AI Car fatality was caused by an Uber car.

Remember that AI car that was caught running a red light, claimed it was human error, then was seen running a bunch more? Uber. Remember that AI car operating in SF without an AI car license? Uber.

Uber does everything as cheaply and as sleazy as possible.

I'll bet that car AI didn't have 1/100th the testing that competing AI get when they put it on the road.

@apLundell The Uber car had a human operator, who presumably did nothing to stop the car from hitting the pedestrian.


The human operators are pretty much a placebo to make people feel safer.

Their hands are off the wheel, and their feet are off the pedals.

There's not much chance of them reacting fast enough to take over control to avoid a collision

@apLundell I mean Uber's kinda shitty in general, so this isn't a surprise. If it was the Google or Tesla car, then I'd be much more surprised.

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