Every game platform has a confirmation screen that says "You're about to spend x$, are you sure?" before an in-app purchase. I'd love for those screens also show you your total spent to date for that particular title.

@apLundell I play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (mobile) and it actually keeps a tally of how much you spend and gives you fixed rewards when you hit certain milestones.

It's awful.

@apLundell Yeah, you get "Exvius Points" at a rate of 1 point per dollar.

@reibeatall Huh. I was not aware any game gave you so blatant a counter.

Every game I played that had that feature tried to obscure it, so you couldn't work out how much you'd spent.

@apLundell I kinda prefer this way. I play this game SO MUCH and have been playing it for over a year, so spending fifty bucks over that time isn't bad.

Yeah, far better to know, I think.

That's kinda what I was getting at before.

When I worked at a game studio, I'm pretty sure that a lot of our "whales" had NO IDEA how much they had spent. They just kept buying the $4.99 pack.

@apLundell Yep, same with us. We had a slot machine game and SO MANY people paid for the $100 pack of fake money so they could try and win more fake money. It was insane.

We reached out to one woman because we thought fraud, but she was like "nope, I enjoy it. I know how much I spend and it's cheaper than going out"

People are weird.

@apLundell I wish Netflix had a daily/weekly/monthly "hours watched" ticker.

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