Fun Truth that's different than what you learned on Twitter :

Daylights Saving Time increases traffic accidents ... for about two days. For the remainder of the eight months it's active it DECREASES traffic accidents.

As far as traffic accidents go, it's a huge net positive.

@apLundell then we should just shift the world's time zones ahead permanently. Why stop saving daylight in the winter when it is most scarce? It is annoying to change times and depressing driving home in the dark because the sun sets at 4:30pm 😜


Your plan would increase night-driving (and hence traffic accidents.)

After a certain point, evenings are a lost cause, but the morning commute can still be salvaged.

@apLundell by that point mornings are a lost cause too since the sun doesn't rise until after the workday starts. At least I wouldn't have to drive with the sun in my eyes a second time after we wind the clock back.


I don't know where you live, but here in the Boston area, falling back has put the sun high enough in the sky to be comfortable for most people's morning commute.

And the sunset would have been in people's eyes during the evening commute, but now it's down entirely.

@apLundell Most of Canada is further north and the DST switch serves no purpose except to annoy and keep us in sync with 'murica. In December the day gets shorter than 8 hours anyways so shifting that window has little effect.

Where I live the sun rises at 8:30am at the end of DST, right when most eastbound commuters are just getting past driving in the sun then BAM sunrise is back to 7:30 and we have to drive into the sun again for 3 more weeks.

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