Oh lovely a mandatory update for my book reader.

I can't wait to see all the new words I'll be able to read with updated software.

Update : This update has not opened up new vistas of literature for me.

It mostly just changed the menu so that only four book titles can fit onscreen at once.


@apLundell I get Amazon loves cover art because they come to it from a store mentality, but it does make it so hard to actually use.

Recent updates even mucked up the “List View” to add cover art that otherwise hadn’t been changed since the original Kindle and that’s kind of upsetting.

@apLundell Though I’m most upset at the loss of the “dots” progress bars. They replaced it with regular boring percentage progress bars, but the dots visually encoded not just percent read (which is only useful for books in progress) but relative book length. That was so handy for picking your next book to read knowing if it was roughly long/short compared to other options. Like glancing at the thickness of book spines when grabbing one off the shelf.

I wonder if the current kindle team reads

@apLundell i envy you… My Kindle Keyboard hasn’t received new words for almost a decade now.

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