I'm making a D&D map. I don't know why I am because I have no storylines or any plans to DM, but I'm making a map anyway.

@Taweret I mean, I can totally have water-based traps and stuff in a temple or something like that.

@Taweret I could do that. In to a pit with, like, monsters and stuff.

@Taweret This is fact. Tolkein established this when he talked about how Rivendell has a sweet lazy river and how Elrond loves going down the big fast slide that's super scary.

@breakfastgolem the ice cream could have an enchantment on it if that would help

@breakfastgolem im just asking why a campaign can't evolve traveling to a waterpark possibly through a dimensional portal to obtain enchanted ice cream to banish a demon and save the kingdom

@breakfastgolem what if its the abandoned ruins of an ancient waterpark but the ice cream is mysteriously still fresh and frozen?

@Taweret It can't be called ice cream, it has to be more, like, dungeonish. Stick with the theme!

@breakfastgolem seriously, the first party member that eats it gets zapped into a dungeon and the others have to find them while they try to find their way out

@breakfastgolem also in the dungeon there's a woman who claims to have been zapped there by custard too but is she telling the truth? 🧐

meanwhile the rest of the party is being hunted by ice monsters but are they monsters or people under a spell? 🧐

@Louisa @breakfastgolem maybe. or were both the monsters and the ice cream created by the same evil ice mage? 🧐


@Taweret @Louisa @breakfastgolem

It's weird that there isn't MORE ice cream in D&D.

The ability to magically freeze objects is basically a free spell for wizards, right?

It's really weird every single wizard in the world would rather tromp through dungeons than start a food cart that sells frozen treats.

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@apLundell @Taweret @Louisa I did make a Wizard for a previous campaign who had a spell to create cheese. I'd roll a d20 and 2 through 19 were specific types of cheese; 1 was "moldy".

@breakfastgolem @Taweret @Louisa

If I rolled a 1, I would insist that "moldy" meant a delicious blue stilton.

@apLundell @Taweret @Louisa @breakfastgolem
wizards are probably old farts because of their reaction to ice cream. Someone should probably introduce almond milk based dairy products to their worlds. ;)

@apLundell @Taweret @Louisa @breakfastgolem
I once had a transmuter wizard who owned a restaurant and adventured to obtain rare and exotic foods to serve...

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