The Mary Worth newspaper comic's attempt to portray a gritty dive bar is amazing.

@apLundell dude's tattoo is what really brings it all together

@apLundell is that a tattoo of rainbow dash on an old washed up brony . i'm losing it

@t54r4n1 @apLundell

There's the outside chance that first-gen AI was left in charge because the artists went on strike.


@t54r4n1 @apLundell

Gotta' be the artist's intern bored off their ass and playing a prank.


Tagging myself as the platter of deep-fried gizzards the heroine's standing in.

@xenophora @apLundell I'm the guy staring at images representative of football such as a field viewed from directly above and a picture of the ball

@apLundell maybe a realistic portrayal of where bronies are at now though

@morganth You just ASSUME I'm not a regular reader of Mary Worth?

(you are correct.)

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