Random Star Trek thought 

I'll bet Trill living in the federation are constantly explaining to people

"No, I'm not a joined Trill. Actually less than two percent of us are joined."

They'll never stop having that conversation.

People see those spots and that's that first question they're going to ask.

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I remember one episode when someone asked, how far down do they go.

Random Star Trek thought 

@apLundell In the TNG era the lore itself seemed equally confused if the Trill were a separate species or just humans and the spots a representation of the symbiote bond. (Not to mention the confusion with the more hostile symbiote species in TNG.)

DS9 played that confusion off as the Federation themselves learning exactly that sort of conversation at a meta level.

Random Star Trek thought 


There are photos of early DS9 makeup tests showing Dax wearing the TNG-style Trill forehead bumps.

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