This is peak "low budget indie horror game on steam".

The screenshots are all black.

That's not spooky, that's just a blank screen.

These are the MARKETING screenshots. Imagine choosing those screenshots because you thought they made your game look good.

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@apLundell That very much looks like it would be an experience in headache-inducing eye strain for me >.<

@zauberin Agreed, except I think I would probably stop playing before it had time to hurt my eyes.

@apLundell has steam ever really sorted out its signal to noise problem after they opened greenlight to everyone who could download Unity?

@warriorstar Kinda?

They made it so the hacks couldn't make money off trading cards, which was a big incentive for "fake games".

And they *claim* they're manually filtering out "fake games", but I'm not convinced.

Basically they're depending on people not looking at the raw list and only looking at algorithmic suggestions.

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