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This is fantastic.

People are confusing 5ghz Wifi channels with the 5G broadband network, so they're buying Faraday cages at sucker prices to put around their routers to block the evil mind-controlling 5G radiation.

With predictable, hilarious results!

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@apLundell well how else are they supposed to protect their router from coronavirus?

@Taweret In this day and age, we should all be wearing masks to avoid catching computer viruses.

@FiXato @Taweret From a positive review : "I bought a meter to confirm the amount of RF/EMF before and after and it went from red and yellows to all green."

That proves it! The lights were RED and that's scary, and now the lights are GREEN, which is not scary.

Money well spent.

@FiXato @Taweret @apLundell
The product description states that it doesn't diminish the WiFi signal, that it only stops "radiation". That is clearly false advertising.

I could understand this product if you wanted to use your WiFi capable router as only a wired system. (For people that already bought into the harmful radiation stories) But being afraid of all radiation and still wanting to use WiFi, that is just one step too far for me.

@apLundell wh... why would you put a faraday cage around a wireless router

@ben Because "5ghz" is sometimes abbreviated "5G" and anything called "5G" is SPOOOOKY!

@ben There are real situations where you might want all your electronics in grounded Faraday cages. Laboratories and such.

But why does this EXACT product exist? To bilk suckers. Simple as that.

Remember those foil stickers that you were supposed to put on your phone to prevent brain-cancer? Those things were a gateway drug to stuff like this.

@ben Same question. This thing is marketed as a "WiFi Router Cover" and I am deeply confused

@jkb @ben the only "legitimate" reason I can imagine is when you sincerely only want to use wired connectivity but have $100 and don't have the knowledge, ability or permission to click the "disable wifi" checkbox in the control panel

@ben @wilbr If someone lacks the knowledge, ability, or permission to disable Wi-Fi on a router they certainly can't set up another router. As the routers found in homes are mostly provided and set up by ISP I don't expect non-tech people to even know it's possible to use another router or set it up differently

@ben @apLundell Because someone figured out how to move wire trash cans at premium prices, and the answer was morons.

@apLundell The irony is their laptops or phones will just increase transmission power to compensate for a poor signal. So now they've muffled the EMF from a device far away and boosted the EMF coming from the device they carry next to their gonads.

@apLundell I know the responses to this are mostly "why would you want this?" but I may be able to provide a couple possible cases:
1) You want to test the worst case conditions for the router to see how well it can function. Maybe you're planning on putting this in a heavily concealed area, but you want to still be able to get some amount of connectivity.
2) You want to do "various things" with a WiFi router, and need to test those things with and without the WiFi on, but you don't want that signal to actually broadcast outside of where you're doing things. That's vague, but use your imagination.

@shadow8t4 Since it's a software programmable radio, it's not hard to just turn down the transmit power in the user interface of the router, and doing so changes the power in a controlled, known way versus throwing it in a wire trashcan

@BalooUriza that's true but doing so on the hardware doesn't test its ability to output in such an environment, it just tests that you can turn down transmission.

@apLundell I kinda want one of those. The router our telecom provides has a public access point that's incredibly hard to opt out from and I want to use my own access point anyways. So this would basically be an option to annoy these assholes

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