If CBS's Star Trek department was braver, they'd put a Caitian crew-member on one of the Live-action shows.

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@apLundell I keep saying this. I think we are at the point where it can happen technically.

So far CBS has yet to respond to any of spec ideas, though.

@apLundell It doesn't help that most of my ideas involve a deeper exploration of the cultures of the Caitians and the Kzinti, involving possibly a huge war budget and also probably seeking out Larry Niven's direct approval.

But how else am I going to use my minor in Man-Kzin Wars Studies?

@apLundell I keep debating if STO’s Ferasan would be classified a splinter clan of Kzinti or a third species altogether. I rather like the idea that the Alpha Quadrant just has a rich “Cat Belt” of anthropomorphic cat species.


“Captain, what’s this no fly zone here between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, is it like our Neutral Zone with the Romulans? I thought we had a treaty with Kilingons?”

“Oh goodness no Ensign. That’s the Cat Belt. Some of those cats are worse than the Klingons. It’s a heck of a refit to get the right squirt phasers if we want to warp through there.”

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