So, does anyone have whatever streaming service is needed for "Muppets Now"?

Is it any good?

Is it good enough to bother pirating?

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@apLundell its disney plus. i haven't watched it yet but i will and I'll let you know


Disney+. (I have it.)

Doesn’t drop until August I think?

YouTube previews have seemed more Miss than Hit, so I don’t have much hope for quality. (And I still don’t like Too Minnesota Kermit.)

I can report back when it drops

@max Oh. I thought it was out.

All the official muppet accounts on Twitter are acting like it's already out and we should all be watching it RIGHT NOW.

@apLundell Ah, I see the first episode *is* up.

In my defense time has lost a lot of meaning this year.

@apLundell Initial thoughts: C-

The framing is that it's a YouTube-like streaming show made of YouTube-like streaming shows so I guess it is timely at least.

Obvious jokes about Miss Piggy being an Influencer now and doing Influencer type things like a vlog (Lifesty! Er, Lifestyle!) and all the Instagrams. (With a lot of Deadly for snark.) Stuff like that.

Has the graphics of the current age spoofed pretty well, but not quite the rhythm or the humor.

@apLundell Scooter is the closest thing to a host, at least in the first episode, because he's the channel uploader. Mostly just a lot of fake computer screen interstitials and people complaining to Scooter about last minute notes on the show about to upload, and then mostly as Scooter complaining about pop up images of texts.

It's definitely no Muppet Show or Muppets Tonight backstage drama.

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