Who designed these SpaceX uniforms?

They look like baddies from a PS2 game you bought for $4.99 back in the day, but then never really played because it was garbage.

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Oh, and here's the exact level design you would expect from such a game.

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@apLundell looks like fetish gear, is the front of the mask any better?

@Sapphicgiraffic The front of the mask looks less fetishy.

From the front, their headgear kinda looks like they're going skiing.

Well, maybe a 16 year old boy's idea of a cool-looking ski-mask.

@apLundell where is the rest of the 60 person dance crew

@apLundell For some reason, I am reminded of the guinea pigs from the 60's Batman movie.

@drwho Yes! Exactly.

If you were doing an intentionally campy movie about a super villain, his lackeys would dress like this.

You can imagine Austin Powers gunning these guys down.

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