Sex aside, this is the inevitable result of how the internet works now.

Advertisers and media companies have built a huge, complex system for manipulating people, and as a society we seem to be mostly cool with that.

...but advertisers are really only interested in paying a few dollars per victim. Of COURSE they're gonna get outbid by people who have a specific interest in manipulating a particular person.

That's the future now.

Thanks capitalism.


@apLundell yea heteronormative capitalism fueled by misogynistic creeps is weird and gross. Agreed.



Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Humans wanting to manipulate other humans is even more fundamental than sexuality.

Bespoke advertising/gaslighting is the cyberpunk dystopia we didn't see coming, but should have.

(Even if this exact service turns out to be a hoax and/or scam.)

@apLundell yea heteros are freaks man, couldn’t say it better myself. 💯 Agreed.

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