Reply to this with the most wholesome meme you can find


@Excuse_haver @taweret

Wait, let's slow down on this one.

Because, uh, I think plants do even better if you shout loudly at them.

@apLundell @Excuse_haver s there actually any good science on plants responding to noise/music?

@Excuse_haver @apLundell yeah but their experiments usually have a sample size of like one so

@taweret @apLundell

"A 2007 paper from scientists at South Korea's National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology proposed that two genes involved in a plant's response to light—known as rbcS and Ald—are turned on by music played at 70 decibels. "This is about the level of a normal conversation," says Marini. The Korean researchers found differing responses depending on the frequency of the sound. The higher the frequency, the more active was the gene response."

@taweret @Excuse_haver

Plant response to noise is apparently a real thing. You can find lots of abstracts by searching

Apparently pure tones are better than white-noise.


@taweret @Excuse_haver

Also, about a million people have done science fair projects confirming it, so it must be true.

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