you can tell a lot from a person by their favorite campy sci fi show

mines farscape and i don't what you can tell from that exactly but i know it's A Lot

@myconidiosyncracy wait. you've sat through farscape but don't know who worf is.'ve never watched deep space nine?

@taweret ok Listen. do not underestimate how much of a slut i am for blue body paint and henson-esque puppets

@taweret i have no doubt start trek is extremely good but it has neither of these selling points so farscape to precedent

@myconidiosyncracy i am also a great fan of muppets and practical effects creatures in general. but. ds9 is amazing

@taweret that's what i've heard my partner keeps telling me to watch it. i've been trying to figure out whether to watch that first or start At The Very Beginning

TOS is pretty bad honestly and i can't recommend it
TNG is only good seasons 3-6 (the first two seasons are unwatchble with the exception of a couple eps)
DS9 gets off to a rocky start but after season one it just gets better and better esp after s3 when they switched showrunners
VOY is bland and not really worth it
ENT is a dumpster fire

@taweret this is hands down the harshest review i've ever heard any fan give about star trek, which means it is the only one i shall view with validity

@myconidiosyncracy also
TNG: neoliberal trek
DS9: leftist trek
VOY: centrist trek
ENT: rightwing reactionary trek

@taweret ??? how is it even still star trek if it's reactionary?? the entire premise is space communism??

@myconidiosyncracy you would think so but ENT really is very, very bad. it ran in the early 2000s and they were on when 911 happened so ENT has an entire season that is an overt 9/11 allegory where aliens attack florida and jesus god it's the worst shit you've ever seen

@myconidiosyncracy but ds9 is politically leftist as hell. anticolonialism and anticapitalism are major themes the whole way through and it deals throughout with issues of marginalization. there's even an ep where aliens start a union and one of them starts reading Marx out loud. it's awesome

@myconidiosyncracy i think @mal had a handy spreadsheet on which eps in s1 to skip cause s1 is a bit rough but it also has a few gems you don't wanna miss

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