i've always wanted to try playing croquet. looks like a relaxing game


When I was about 12 I had to go to the emergency room after a croquet injury.

I still have the scar.

@apLundell did one of the flamingos bite you? (my first exposure to the game is via alice in wonderland so i assume flamingos are standard)


@taweret We weren't even using flamingos! Just standard wooden mallets.

Croquet can be a bit dull when it's not your turn, but if you decide to kill time by swinging your mallet around your head as fast as you possibly can, it is vitally important that you not let go.

Apparently the friend I was playing with didn't know that particular pro tip.

@apLundell no flamingos? well that's a hell of a thing
there were hedgehogs tho at least right?

@taweret I imagine a flamingo would have been better.

It would have avoided hitting me out of sheer self-preservation.

@taweret Anyway, you wouldn't believe how much a person bleeds after they've been hit in the head with a croquet mallet.

Blood everywhere.

It's for exactly this reason that flamingos are preferable.

@apLundell @taweret

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