And we're off.

You can't buy much on a farmer's budget.

I had to get only a quarter of the recommended food.

I'm sure that's not a problem.

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I am lightly provisioned, but I'm a skilled hunter. So there shouldn't be a problem.

It'll be fine.

How can on Ox wander off?!?


I honestly love the art at these landmarks.

Amazing stuff for an Apple 2.

For travelers of The Oregon Trail, one landmark more than any others was welcomed as a milestone that their journey was half over.

Oh ... uh ... yeah. I understand completely.

I wouldn't dream of pouching your buffalo.

This isn't good. Now I'm running on my only spare wheel.

Much like my actual car, come to think of it.

We rested for THREE WHOLE DAYS at Independence Rock!

Was that not enough to cure the measles?


All of the art for the landmarks is fantastic. Wonderful use of the limited graphics and colors.

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zalgotext for comedic effect 

@apLundell E̦͖̳̟v͇͍̺er͖̗̭͚̻̰ͅy̫͖̪̦̲͈̙͝t͎͙̼͇h͕̠͔̬̼̠i͏̱̪͎̩n̬͓͇g͇͚͚͝ ̗̝̝i͚̳̱̜͇̫s̸͚̼͖̯̮ͅ ̻͇̦̕f҉̟̻in̺͔͖͠ͅͅe҉̻͓͓.̶̩̼̗

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