The Memory Alpha page on candles lacks detail, guys. What if someone goes to the star trek wiki and wants to learn about candles? At present the information they find will be insufficient


Memory Alpha is a great resource for parents, too.

Having trouble with 'The Talk'? No problem. Just direct your younglings to these helpful articles.

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If TrekCore was able to get hold of GR's notes about Ferengi culture with several illustrated pages on mating customs/positions, it would be Memory Alpha's prized possession.

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When he was workshopping the ferengi concept he came up with multiple ferengi sex positions

@apLundell @Taweret

I can't remember if that was in Fifty Year Mission or something else. Wouldn't have been in Chaos On The Bridge, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, or the "trading cards" (binder pages) I had a subscription to as a kid, so I don't know where else i would've seen it. Maybe from David Gerrold via Wil Wheaton?

@apLundell @Taweret I love how the article can't go two sentences into the process of human reproduction before mentioning Riker πŸ˜†

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