I keep mine turned around in the boxed set. That's its punishment. It's never been out of its box.

(PS : No, I don't have a whole shelf dedicated to that box. I just didn't want to photograph it in situ and reveal how much of a mess my storage room is.)

@apLundell Directors cut remastered and cleaned up the viz effects, made a couple new ones that remarkably add to the movie, reordered a couple scenes for marginally better pacing, restored the scene of Spock crying, and actually spends a tiny bit less time on the reaction shots during the Cloud and V’Ger flyby sequences.

@SelfsameSynonym @apLundell I do love that director's cut! Wish I had it on bluray, but DVD is good enough I guessss.

Certain parts that made absolutely no sense to me from the theatrical version--like V'ger's size/shape relative to the Enterprise, or how they disembarked and reached V'ger's core at the end--are much clearer in it.

@Lexi @apLundell Director’s cut did the right thing in not using this surrealist matte painting

@SelfsameSynonym @apLundell I seriously didn't understand what was happening here! Did the Enterprise get buried?? Way clearer in the director's cut.

from wikipedia regarding the cast's opinions of the director of nemesis:

Actors LeVar Burton and Marina Sirtis have spoken unflatteringly of Baird, criticizing him for not watching any of the episodes of The Next Generation. Sirtis has bluntly called Baird "an idiot."

@apLundell also according to wikipedia the movie (which is already way too long at 116 mins) had 50(!) minutes of "character moments" cut from it
so they wasted shit tons of time and money filming unnecessary garbage instead of doing the essential stuff well
also 116+50 means the script was round about 166 pages for a lowish budget star trek movie
that's ridiculous
the first thing any competent director (or producer) would have done is demand a tighter script

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